Camper burns in Grand Haven Township

Tribune photo/Matt DeYoungA camper being stored for the winter caught fire and burned along Groesbeck Street in Grand Haven Township on Saturday evening. Nov. 16. 

A camper being stored for the winter caught fire and quickly burned off Groesbeck Street west of 152nd Avenue in Grand Haven Township on Saturday evening, Nov. 16. 

Phil Thompson Sr. was in a nearby garage, working on the brakes on his van and watching a football game, when he poked his head outside and saw smoke billowing out of the camper. That was around 8 p.m., he said. 

"I went out there and I opened the door because my cat’s in there," Thompson Sr. said. "I only opened it four inches because I know what happens when you open it. I hollared for him three or four times ... but he didn't come out and it was super hot."

Thompson Sr. shut the door and rushed back into the gragage, where he grabbed two large fire extinguishers.

"By the time I got back fire was rolling out of the windows," he said. "I tried to spray in there but it didn’t matter, it was gone in a matter of minutes. That thing prob went up in 5 minutes."

Grand Haven Township firefighters responded and put out the fire, but the trailer was completely destroyed. 

"It was a defensive fire when we got there," meaning firefighters' first priority was to keep the fire from spreading, said to Captain Shawn Schrader. "It was 100 percent involved. The cause of the fire is undetermined."

Schrader confirmed that there were no injuries resulting from the fire. 

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