1 Fourth of July fireworks show cancelled

Fireworks light the sky over Grand Haven during a previous Independence Day show. This year, due to coronavirus concerns, the show has been cancelled.

Fireworks planned as part of Independence Day celebrations for the City of Grand Haven have been canceled.

City Council approved the cancellation during its meeting on Monday.

“For me, and I’m sure for the community, it’s extremely disappointing to cancel the tradition of honoring our independence with a great fireworks show,” said Councilmember Ryan Cummins.

In the meeting packet, Ashley Latsch, assistant to the City Manager, said without the support of different organizations and entities, such as Grand Haven Township, waterfront merchants, marina slip holders, and event vendors, such as Domino’s Pizza, JP’s Doghouse and Arturo’s Tacos, the fireworks would not take place.

“Generally, through the revenue and donations received, we have been able to secure a $23,000 show each year and work closely with Wolverine Fireworks and our musical fountain crew to coordinate and choreograph the massive effort,” she said.

She noted that the concern this summer is that the city had no foreseeable way to limit participation for the event and reduce crowd density.

“Staff recommends cancellation due to the close person-to-person proximity during the fireworks that will elevate risk of transmission of the virus,” she said.

Cummins also noted the current guidelines in place, from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in response to coronavirus, COVID-19.

“It is important to protect public health and cancel this at this time,” he said.

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I am all for being careful, distancing,etc.. but I think we all need the Fireworks display on 4th of July especially this year. Keep folks in their cars, but we Must Have Fireworks on 4th of July. Ben Franklin said so!


Not to worry.

The Great White Poontangan and Moondog will be providing shock waves near the waterfront with the Funky Farm Defense Cannon.

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