COVID-19 Cases Ottawa County Nov. 27

Here is the Nov. 27 chart for new positive COVID-19 cases in Ottawa County. 

Both COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in Ottawa County are up by more than 80 percent from Oct. 1 to date, causing one-third of all county hospitals to report “crisis capacity” numbers, according to the Ottawa County Department of Public Health.

Hospitalizations related to the coronavirus are up 83 percent in the county, while deaths related to COVID-19 are up 81 percent, health officials said.

Nearly 65 percent of hospital inpatient beds were in use this week, with 37 percent of those coming from COVID-19 cases as of Nov. 23, the health department said.

With cases across the country soaring, Ottawa County health officials are calling for residents to take personal responsibility once again: stay home, socially distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

The mounting number of COVID-19 cases has put a strain on the county’s ability to contact those who receive positive tests, do contact tracing and enforce isolation guidelines.

If you do test positive for COVID-19, the county asks you to not wait for a public health official to contact you to start isolation for at least 10 days. Also, if you get tested, the wait time for a result has risen from about two days to four days.

Other data highlights from a news release from the OCDPH show that COVID-19 case counts have gone up 241 percent from Oct. 1 to date, with more than 300 new cases per day on average over the past week.

Test positivity rose from about 3 percent in early October to 17 percent in the past week, which results in an increase of more than five times.

The county warned that people of all ages are contracting and spreading the virus. Cases have occurred among school-age children and school staff, resulting in about 75 percent of the schools in Ottawa County going to remote learning.

Ottawa County now has as many COVID-19 deaths in the past month as it did during the entire first three months of the pandemic.

The health department reported Friday that Ottawa County’s total number of lab-confirmed cases jumped by 657 from Wednesday’s report, to 13,324. There were 10 more COVID-19-related deaths in the county since Wednesday, the health department said Friday, pushing the county’s death toll to 139.

Michigan’s total confirmed case count jumped to 341,941 on Friday, with 17,162 new cases since Wednesday. The state health department also reported 172 new deaths related to COVID-19 on Friday, pushing Michigan’s death toll to 8,933.

Information about where to get tested, quarantine instructions and other COVID-19 information can be found at the OCDPH website at under “Department of Public Health.”

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Using the statistics from the Ottawa County Covid-19 dashboard here in clearer language than the article above are the death rate percentage, by age groups, if you test positive for Covid:

Age 0-19 No Deaths

Age 20-29 .03%

Age 30-39 .05%

Age 40-49 No Deaths

Age 50-59 .2%

Age 60-69 1%

Age 70-79 4%

Age 80+ 13%

So let’s be careful and safe, wear masks and social distance but keep your perspective realistic.



It would be nice if health care officials started promoting health. Asking people to drink enough water, get 20 minutes of exercise, spend 30 minutes outside every day. Even adding a vegetable to every meal is a great way to boost your immune system and help flatten the curve.

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