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Douglas Wilson spread his belongings out in front of the Grand Haven City Hall earlier this winter. 

GRAND HAVEN TWP. — A West Michigan man who was recently told he can’t camp overnight on city of Grand Haven property moved south, and was camped out between two of the entrance drives at Grand Haven High School on Wednesday morning.

GHHS Principal Tracy Wilson sent an email to the district’s parents saying that the school staff was aware of the man sitting at the entrance to the high school campus.

“Many of you know that this is the same individual who has been camped around town in the city of Grand Haven,” Wilson wrote. “Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department is well aware of the situation and we are working collaboratively to determine next steps.”

The man, Douglas Wilson, described himself to the Tribune as “voluntarily houseless.” He spent much of the winter camping in Grand Haven’s Central Park, and can often be seen on high-traffic street corners with a sign reading, “Dad’s Rights Matter – Honk!”

Grand Haven Area Public Schools Superintendent Scott Grimes said he learned about the man camped out near the school entrance at around 7 a.m. Wednesday. A Sheriff’s Office car came out and parked near the man with its lights flashing as students arrived at school.

Grimes said Douglas Wilson technically was not on school property but instead was still in the public right of way.

Still, his presence caused concern.

“Absolutely, our students’ safety is our top priority, and that’s why we work so collaboratively with the Ottawa County sheriff with this situation,” Grimes said, adding that by 9 a.m. Wednesday the man had packed up and left.

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Slow news day?? You've known about this man being around the city for months, but has he caused harm to anyone? Or are reporters just lying in wait for him to do something? Sounds like paranoia to me when just because he camps near the high school entrance suddenly he's a safety risk to those coming and going through the school entrances. C'mon, man!!


So why is he “voluntarily houseless" and why does he have a sign that says " Dads lives matter"? What is the story behind this story?

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