SPRING LAKE — The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to make sure that they lock their vehicles after receiving reports of thefts from several vehicles in the Spring Lake area over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

The thefts occurred during the overnight hours in the Village of Spring Lake and Spring Lake Township, according to Sgt. Jason Kik of the Sheriff's Office.

Leslie Packard reported on Facebook that police knocked on her door at a little after 8 a.m. Sunday to let her know that her car had been entered. She lives in the area north of Savidge Street and west of Fruitport Road.

Packard said a neighbor, who was awake at around 3 a.m., saw kids rummaging through cars, chased them off and called police.

“All they stole was my Aldi quarter,” Packard reported in a Facebook post, referring to a quarter she kept in her car for the use of unlocking a shopping cart at the grocery store.

Police did not say what items were stolen, or how many cars were entered in the crime spree.

Kik said residents should make sure to remove valuable items from their car and lock the doors.

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I hope they read this...Hi Kids, Come to my house. I've got milk and cookies and lots of Aldi quarters. You won't know which house it is until you get there though. I'll give you a hint: I'm in Spring Lake. I'm that house that looks like an easy target, the one with the hidden outside camera that will alert my phone if you get near my cars. It's the house with the loaded shotgun behind the door and the pit bull that can jump over a 6 foot fence. Would love to meet you sometime.

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