A phone call from the jail was played and Facebook Messenger communications between the defendant and the deceased read during the second day of the trial for a Ferrysburg man charged with supplying drugs that caused a Grand Haven woman’s death.

Scott Allen DeBruyn, 56, is charged with supplying drugs that caused the death of Camille Marie Gesiakowski on April 12, 2017. The case is being tried in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

On Tuesday, medical personnel testified that Gesiakowski died due to mixed drug toxicity, with the narcotic pain reliever oxycodone being the main contributor. Also noted on her death certificate was the presence of fluoxetine (anti-depressant), tramadol (narcotic pain reliever) and difluorethane (found in duster).

Taking the stand on Wednesday were retired Grand Haven Department of Public Safety officer Ryan Dalman, who conducted the first interview with DeBruyn; Capt. Joe Boyle, who talked about the phone and Facebook communications between DeBruyn and Gesiakowski; and Detective Bryan Tithof, who produced documentation and video showing DeBruyn purchasing duster at Walmart.

Dalman’s interview is audio conversation recorded via a microphone on the officer that connects with the dashcam video in his police car. During the conversation, DeBruyn talks about Gesiakowski having a long history of using duster, and how they went to Walmart after her release from jail to purchase duster and some personal items for her.

The telephone conversation, played while Boyle was on the witness stand, is a collect call from Gesiakowski to DeBruyn in which they talk about her upcoming release from jail in two days and making plans to get together. During the conversation, DeBruyn said he is really nervous about seeing Gesiakowski, but he really wants to see her “bad.” She responds that she is excited.

DeBruyn, whose son dated Gesiakowski for eight years, emphasized how much he cared for Gesiakowski and how he would always be there for her. He offers to take her to do anything she wants when she gets out of jail. She again says she is excited and “I like to celebrate life.”

Gesiakowski was in jail for eight months on a probation violation related to a domestic violence conviction. Her prior criminal convictions include possession of marijuana, malicious annoyance, tether violation, minor in possession of alcohol and prohibited use of chemical agents.

Boyle, in response to prosecuting attorney John Scheuerle’s questioning, said he obtained messages sent between DeBruyn and Gesiakowski via Facebook Messenger after she got out of jail on April 7, 2017. The prosecuting attorney and police captain read the messages, in which DeBruyn repeatedly asks Gesiakowski to call him. She puts him off and repeatedly asks him to drop off pain pills and duster because she has a migraine. She refuses to get together with him until he gets her some pills.

As the messages and the requests for a phone call continue, DeBruyn eventually says he has succeeded in getting the right kind of pills and that he has "all the stuff."

Boyle also talks about a picture presented for evidence that shows Gesiakowski passed out with a can of duster in her hand. Boyle said data extracted from the photo put Gesiakowski at DeBruyn's West Spring Lake Road address at the time.

Detective Bryan Tithof was the last witness for the day. During his time on the stand, Scheuerle played video showing just DeBruyn, and sometimes DeBruyn and Gesiakowski, purchasing cans of duster at Walmart at different times on April 10-11, 2017. Tithof said he used taxi service logs and a receipt, as well as store surveillance video, store receipts and DeBruyn's credit card statement to match the video up with the purchases.

Both Tithof and Boyle were expected to return to the stand on Thursday to complete their testimony.

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