NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is urging teams to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

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1. This is North Korea boldly and brashly....and very dangerously, acting out. You know, the communist country whose leader is Kim Jung-un, and to whom, Donald Trump was quoted as saying..."Speaking to a rally with supporters in late September, Trump took his enthusiasm for the detente with Kim to new heights, declaring at a rally with supporters that "we fell in love" after exchanging letters.

2. Time to demilitarize police, change policies including the "Aim to Kill", and recognize our law enforcement is increasingly called upon to deal with victims of severe mental illness and entrenched personality disorders who are on the streets, without treatments or care for their illnesses. Police officers have to make split-second decisions on whether a person is acting with malicious intent, or in a delusional mental state. It's clear changes much be made, both in terms of racism and educational support.

3. In addition to a resurgence of the corona virus in China, it is being felt throughout the US, with Texas, Florida, and Arizona among many states that reopened early and are now seeing a deep spike in confirmed cases.


1. This is the North Korea that Democrats Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama tried to appease by giving them money, and who never attempted to meet in person.

2. Maybe you forgot that Democrat Billy Jeff Clinton 'militarized' the police in the 1990 National Defense Authorization Act. When the NDAA was passed in 1990, section 1208 authorized the transfer of military surplus to local police departments due to the reduction in force (RIF) of the current military. It also ensured that the final disposition of the equipment was open to the public. It was decided that the police departments needed assistance in combating the “War on Drugs” and by making military equipment available, they could make warriors in the “war.” The NDAA of 1996, under the Clinton administration, section 1033 altered section 1208, broadening the scope of available equipment and made final disposition of equipment a national defense secret.

Maybe you forgot that Democrats forced the mentally ill out of government facilities taxpayers gladly funded to care for them because the ACLU assured us that they would take their meds - what is worse than a befuddled mentally ill person living on the streets and the innocent victims of the violent delusions of many of them?

3. When Texas, Florida, and Arizona (I guess you missed Oregon and California) reach the New York levels (30,000 + deaths and follow Werner Wilhelm's apparently epidemiologist approved contact tracing approach - don't ask anyone if they attended a Black Lives Matter protest [or riot] - maybe I'll be concerned.



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