Grand Haven received one cargo last week and is currently waiting on another one to be delivered.

Interlake Steamship Co.’s motor vessel Kaye E. Barker arrived in port last Friday with a load of stone for the Verplank dock in Ferrysburg. The Barker’s cargo originated in Cedarville, Michigan, which is also commonly referred to as Port Dolomite.

On Saturday morning, Algoma Central Corp.’s motor vessel Algoma Buffalo arrived off Grand Haven with a cargo destined for Meekhof’s D&M on Harbor Island. Due to winds and current, the captain elected to anchor and wait for more favorable conditions.

At one point, the Buffalo weighed anchor and traveled south of Grand Haven, where it again anchored, this time off Burns Harbor, Indiana. Then the vessel headed back to Grand Haven, where it has been anchored since Sunday.

Through the month of September, we have received 66 cargoes in total to three different docks: Meekhof’s D&M on Harbor Island, as well as St. Marys Cement and Verplank’s on the Ferrysburg side of the Grand River. We have welcomed 15 different vessels to port so far this season (if the Algoma Buffalo ever comes in, it will be 16), 11 U.S.-flagged ships and four Canadian-flagged freighters.

The steamship Wilfred Sykes is our most frequent visitor, having logged 14 trips into port so far this season. Right behind it is the tug/barge Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 with 13 stops.

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