The jurisdictions of some political offices within the state may soon look a little different.

During the November 2018 general election, Michigan voters decided that the district lines for the state's Legislature and its representatives on Congress for the 2022 election would be drawn by a team of 13 individuals, according to the Secretary of State website.

"This is really exciting. We’re breaking a mold and I really hope it’s going to be something grand," said Jean Ferguson, a Spring Lake resident who has been keeping up to date on the processes of picking 13 district line drawers.

Ferguson said this is the second time in U.S. history that citizens will be picking the zones in elections, instead of politicians.

District lines for political offices must be redrawn every 10 years following a U.S. Census to reflect the population.

Ferguson said that last time district lines were drawn, they were gerrymandered, or manipulated to work in favor of a political party or class.

"The Secretary of State is going to pick the people," she said, noting that it would then be difficult for gerrymandering to happen again.

Applications to be one of the 13 people who will make up the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission are due by June 1, 2020.

"What an exciting time," Ferguson said. "I could just jump up and down, I'm so excited."

Recently, a suit was filed claiming there were illegal provisions in the 2018 amendment allowing the redistricting commission to be made. However, a Grand Rapids federal judge found nothing illegal about the amendment.

To apply for a position on the commission, visit for more information, a link to an online application or to download a paper copy of the application to mail in.

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