Essential business will continue in the city of Grand Haven and Grand Haven Township through the coronavirus event, according to letters sent to residents within the municipalities.

“You are not alone. Local officials are available around the clock to offer support and assistance during the COVID-19 crisis,” City Manager Pat McGinnis began his letter.

As COVID-19 continues to sweep through the nation, and with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order to stay at home, McGinnis said business will continue for the city’s public safety and public works employees, and more.

“Your water supply is safe, secure and sufficient,” he said. “We have full staffing and are platooning to avoid social contact. Garbage collection will continue. Republic Services is our primary residential collector, and they too are fully staffed.”

McGinnis urged readers to stay tuned as Republic Services may be looking to a cart-only service to limit contact collectors may make with private bags and containers.

During this time, the city and township staffs are asking that residents not flush wipes down the toilet, even those stating they are “flushable.”

Township Manager Bill Cargo noted that, during the stay-at-home order, essential employees include those in fire and rescue; public services, such as water distribution, sanitary sewer collection and park maintenance; and election workers.

Cargo said the township administration building will not be open until April 14, at this time, and building inspections and assessing operations are suspended, as well. He is also recommending that the Township Board’s April 13 meeting be canceled.

Meetings in the city, except those done via electronic or virtual platform, are also being canceled.

Harbor Transit will provide services for people in need of food, medicine or medical treatment, according to McGinnis’ letter, and overnight on-street parking restrictions have been lifted.

Canned meat, fruits, vegetables and more are still needed for food collections, with drop-off boxes at City Hall, the local YMCA, and Love in Action at the corner of Fulton and Ferry streets.

Also in the city, curfews are being enforced for children younger than 17, and residents are reminded that while parks will remain open, unrelated people should not stop to chat; playgrounds, the skate park and ball courts are closed; and portable toilets will be available, as restrooms are closed.

More information about the city’s and township’s safety measures during the COVID-19 event can be found on their individual websites and Facebook pages.

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