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President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020, in Norton Shores.

NORTON SHORES — President Donald Trump visited Muskegon County Saturday in a push to rally Michigan voters with just a few weeks left until the election. FlyBy Air at the Muskegon County Airport in Norton Shores held the rally.

Twice at the rally, the president referenced Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the crowd responded by chanting, “lock her up.” While originating during the 2016 campaign cycle, these chants are especially pointed since federal officials recently announced the governor was the target of a kidnapping plot.

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Going back to the original motive for Trump's incitement of violence which spurred the serious threat on Gov Whitmer's life - the belief that her executive orders were unconstitutional, this is what the Detroit Free Press said about that, published on the GH Tribune on October 15: "Shirkey and Chatfield have been full-throated in their condemnation of previous threats on Whitmer’s life, and were quick to praise the federal and state law enforcement effort that took down the latest plot. But they’ve been equally consistent in insisting, as the misogynistic crew that plotted to abduct Whitmer did, that the governor’s emergency orders are an attack on democratic rule with no basis in law.

In fact, the legislative act Whitmer has cited as authority for extending her state of emergency stood undisturbed for three-quarters of a century until four Republican state Supreme Court justices declared it unconstitutional earlier this month. The canard that Whitmer has acted with dictatorial disregard for the law is a distortion those who advocate armed resistance have eagerly embraced." This law was passed and signed by a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature in 1945 due to Detroit race riots in 1943, and has been on the books without pause.....until a woman Democrat Governor was forced to employ it due to a national public health pandemic. The Republican majority of the Michigan Supreme Court that ruled with partisan bias that the law unconstitutional, 75 years after passage, are complicit in encouraging violence. The Republican Michigan legislature that pushed the partisan notion her executive emergency powers under the 75-year old Republican law, were somehow now "unconstitutional" and a civil rights matter - not a public health and safety matter - are complicit. From vindictive Trump to the craven, partisan Michigan Republican power block, to the mindless chants of "lock her up", to the white male domestic terrorists who chose to plan an act of murder......all are complicit and deserve punishment - either in a court of law or the voting booth. They all need to go, for the health and welfare of Michigan and it's people. Meanwhile, while the Republicans in this once great state chose to incite violence through their strictly partisan actions and direct their attention towards a Governor who is working mightily to protect them, Covid-19 numbers are spiking across much of the state. May God be merciful.


No facts, just the usual ANTIFA supporting left wing agenda. Lanivan at her worst...same old same old. She cries for facts but spouts opinion.


And BTW Ms. Vargo could watch the TV coverage of this and see that the 'precedent' DID INDEED state 'lock her up' 'lock them up' and did nothing to stop that chant, as he has done at other national 'rallies.' The GOP, and his Administration, are complicit, with him, if your Governor is harmed. As are the resident's of MI who continuously support this behavior, rhetoric and lack of comity.


Are you kidding...,the rest of us are complicit. You are laughable


April 17: Trump tweets "LIBERATE MICHIGAN"

October 9: FBI foils white supremacist plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer and start civil war.

Yesterday: Trump says she should be locked up.

To repeat: Gov. Whitmer was at risk of a kidnapping & possible murder from domestic terrorists & Trump goes to Michigan in one of his super-spreader events & attacks—not the arrested terrorists—but the governor as the crowd cheers. Never forget how deranged public life has been with Trump. To vote for this sick and evil man is to be complicit in it.


If Whitmer would do what is right, she would not have to worry about a thing. But Whitmer does not want to listen to anyone but Whitmer. She is not good for Michigan. Fear of Man, is what Whitmer has, she needs to fear who can take her soul and throw it into hades.


Your state is one of the many increasing in case counts, and deaths, in the nation - despite what you, and the 'precedent's' (sic) sycophants wish she should do - first, he and the administration forced the management of this back on each of the governor's, washing their hands, and 'taking no responsibility' (Trump's quote, sicker); then, in dividing the nation further, he cherry picks the red state gov's (Kemp, DeSantis) over the blue state gov's (Whitmer, Cuomo for instance) when it was exactly the opposite who were managing the health crisis, working to get the infection rate slowed, and lower the deaths. What has happened in MI since I lived there - is tragic - tragically stupid, and tragically ignorant.


So glad you don’t live here... don’t worry about us we are good


Lanivan back to spreading lies


As always, if you can provide facts that prove anything in my comment is not true, I will retract immediately. If not, then this is just you, trolling mindlessly, dishonestly, and sleazy.


Lanivan you define sleaze

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