The parking lots at Grand Haven State Park have been closed due to “overwhelming crowds ignoring physical distancing requirements.”

The closure began Sunday, after people flocked to the park to take advantage of Saturday’s sunshine.

Grand Haven Mayor Bob Monetza said the Michigan Department of Natural Resources – which oversees the state park system – consulted with city staff and public safety leadership on Saturday evening. At that time, the decision was made to close the lots as usual Saturday night, and leave them closed going forward.

“At this time, I’m being advised that the lots will remain closed until further notice,” Monetza said.

While the parking lots remain closed, the park is open to pedestrian traffic.

Monetza said the closure helped ease crowds at one of Michigan’s most-visited state parks Sunday.

“The numbers of park visitors on the beach and pier seemed much lower, and there wasn’t obvious congregating of people there,” he said. “We are sending the message that, while we appreciate and welcome visitors, we are putting public health and safety first, and asking visitors to be patient, stay away for now, and come later when the restrictions are lifted and the safety of everyone can be better assured.”

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Mike L

The overcrowding is in one small lot where people jam in to watch the sunset. The state park has over 1000 additional parking spaces, 200 front row on the lake, along 1/4 mile of beach. Open this lot to the people so they can enjoy the beautiful sunsets. There would be no social distancing problem then.


I just saw Harbor Avenue and there is no place to park,the boardwalk is crowded.These are the people who think the virus won't effect them...too bad common sense doesn't effect them.


What did they think would happen? And when actually will the Covid-19 crisis pass?


Also wonder why McGinnis is commenting? The city doesn't own the State Park, contrary to popular.

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