After a long discussion, the Grand Haven Board of Light & Power (BLP) has decided to abandon its plans for Harbor Island.

In the wake of the Grand Haven City Council’s decision on Monday to postpone voting on a bond proposal that would have been used to pay for the demolition of the J.B. Sims Power Generating Station, site remediation, and the construction of a natural gas peaking plant and office building, the municipal utility’s Board of Directors decided Thursday to recommend abandoning the plan altogether.

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Dr. Vladtheimp

The loudest, uninformed voices in the room have won.

I humbly suggest we should side with the environmentalists and keep the site in its natural state rather than turn it over to developers.

This approach will ensure that when the Consumers Energy Grid fails due to the proven unreliability of so-called "renewable resources like wind and solar, we will have a perfect site to build a plant using proven affordable and reliable energy from fossil fuels.

Until then, unless you're rich enough to afford stand-by generators fueled by natural gas or propane, portable gas generators are your friend.


Interest rates are not an issue...if they are higher it’s marginal..take your time and get it right..and I don’t think they are higher

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