Kent County Administrative Health Officer Adam London said a woman attempted to run his vehicle off the road after he passed an order requiring masks for students in Kent County.

GRAND RAPIDS — The public health officer for the Grand Rapids area said he’s a victim of “brute mob hatred” after ordering masks in schools throughout Kent County to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Adam London told county commissioners that a woman tried to run his vehicle off the road in August immediately after the mask order. He is no longer making public appearances because of concerns about violence.

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This, after close to 770,000 deaths from Covid in less than 2 years, the national resurgence of infections, hospitalizations and deaths from the Delta variant, millions of vaccinations made available free to the public, the increasing infection rates among children, and the hard right-wing of the Republican party is whipping up their base in a coordinated strategy of disruption and violence, all based on misinformation.

There doesn't appear to be any attempt to be reasonable, to understand what our public health officials are committed to achieving - public health, and to look at the big picture. Until this country achieves a greater rate of vaccination and masking is accepted as a simple way of containing the spread of this virus, public health officials will be dealing with the aftermath for years to come, as will we all.

What is the purpose of these threats of violence? What do these people who disrupt, threaten, and spread misinformation hope to achieve? It looks to me like those responsible anti-Covid people who are following guidelines in hopes of getting back to some normalcy are rapidly losing patience with those who are pro-Covid. Not sure where this is going. I don't think the anti-vaxxer/anti-maskers are either.

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