Here’s how your local state lawmakers voted on legislation this week: 

House Bill 4706 — Get specific on required responses to child abuse reports: passed 105-1 in the House. To revise details of how child abuse or neglect reports are categorized based on whether children in a household are considered either “safe, safe with services, or unsafe,” and the government agency response that is required for each category. This is part of a legislative package comprised of House bills 4704 to 4709 that would revise Michigan’s child protective services law and programs in response to a 2018 Auditor General finding that “efforts to ensure the appropriate and consistent application of selected CPS investigation requirements” are insufficient. Other bills would specify when an investigation could be “abbreviated” if a complaint is frivolous, and require that a contact must be made within 24 hours of receiving an abuse or neglect report that provides information on the well-being of each child in the suspect household.

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