Virus Update

The number of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa County now stands at 605, with 25 deaths, as of Sunday, May 17. 

The county has reported 116 new cases since Wednesday, May 13. 

From the Ottawa County Department of Public Health:

"The increased availability of testing contributes to the number of positive cases increasing over the last several weeks. This is an indicator of progress being made in identifying infections to better slow the spread but it is also evidence the virus is still circulating in our community. To help aid in disease investigation, please be sure to answer your phone and return any calls from the Ottawa County Department of Public Health. We have a team of specialists diligently conducting contact tracing and continuing to work on containing the virus.

"It is encouraging to see the hospitalization rate go down and the number of recovered cases increase. However, it is still imperative people continue to keep physical distance and wear a face cover in public and frequently wash hands and disinfect surfaces to make even more progress. As more and more businesses open, there is a greater risk of person-to-person infection of the virus and our actions make a difference whether we slow or increase the spread of COVID-19 in our community."

The State of Michigan on Sunday reported an additional 638 cases, but just 11 deaths attributed to the virus. 

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Wonder why the Tribune reports 605 cases . . . I believe you should report the actual total of CONFIRMED cases in the county which is 540 (or at least make a note of that in your article). Just a thought . . . .

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