Four diesel plant options Grand Haven

Four options for the sale and redevelopment of the diesel plant on South Harbor Drive in Grand Haven were considered Thursday by a special city committee.

Four options for the redevelopment of the former diesel plant on Grand Haven’s Harbor Drive, which includes a new restaurant/banquet hall or a six-story hotel, were considered by a committee this week.

The Board of Light & Power’s Harbor Island redevelopment master plan that was adopted last week designates that the former diesel plant at 518 S. Harbor Ave. will be sold to a private developer. BLP Board directors Gerry Witherell and Todd Crum, Mayor Bob Monetza, and City Councilman Mike Fritz met Thursday to review the options for the old building.

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I am sure this is all Trumps fault...


I’m disappointed in the City’s extremely limited approach to this property and the speed with which the process is unfolding. Why should the Board of Light and Power have the ‘power’ to determine that this property must be sold to a private developer? At the very least, no further actions should be taken until after the election. Inasmuch as the Media, its polling and its pundits assure us that Joe Biden will be elected, proceeding would be a slap in the face to his plan to resurrect and expand the Obama-Biden Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Program that would require the City to make it possible for low-income minorities to choose suburban living and provide “adequate support to make their choices possible.” Worse, proceeding at this juncture might be a waste of taxpayer and developer funds and subject the City to federal lawsuits.

Special interest groups have long claimed Grand Haven is a non-welcoming community, hostile or indifferent to the needs of the poor and those currently living in underserved areas. This is an opportunity to prove them wrong.

Even if Biden is not elected, there are other possibilities to use the property to help those with special housing and employment needs. And not just a token unit or two designated as ‘affordable housing’ so a developer can obtain approval by the City. There are non-profits that specialize in providing this type of housing for the disadvantaged through partnerships with the City.

Why shouldn’t the poor have easy access to the River, downtown, Dancing on the Grand, and a nice, newly approved Dairy Treat a few steps away?


Your kidding...

Boogie Gal

I hope he's kidding!![ohmy]


Please Dear God, Do not build an ugly Holiday Inn on that location.

Boogie Gal

They don't care what it looks dollars are of utmost importance, proved by the condos on Jackson and Franklin Streets and also Harbor Drive where the Dairy Treat is. The city of Grand Haven is too small now for what transpires in the summer, but tourists are more important than the citizens of Grand Haven, proved by the actions of the city council.. Sad!

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