Grand Haven city residents have a few more road projects on the horizon before the end of the season.

Still slated for this year are 15 areas in need of crack fill sealing and 11 road sections being resurfaced.

Sealing the roads is set for this fall, said Grand Haven Department of Public Works Director Derek Gajdos.

“Every year, we bid out and select some roads - we do an inventory of the roads that could use the benefit of filling the cracks,” he said.

Gajdos said without this maintenance program, the city would experience much more severe deterioration of its roads.

The 2019 over band crack sealing projects include City Hall parking lot, Grand Avenue from Harbor Drive to Sheldon Road, Gladys Circle, Sheldon Road from Taylor Street to Robbins Road, Third Street from Jackson Street to Coho Drive and Crescent Drive from Dale Court to the dead end.

Also included are Slayton Street from Sheldon Drive to Seventh Street, Waverly Avenue from Albee Street to Moreland Street, Beechtree Street from Fulton Avenue to Robbins Road, Edwards Avenue from Lake Avenue to the dead end, Lake Avenue from Lovers Lane to Woodlawn Avenue, Woodlawn Avenue from Lake Avenue to Sheldon Road, Friant Street from Grant Avenue to the dead end, Griffin Street from Waverly Avenue to Robbins Road and Harbor Drive from Y Drive to Prospect Street.

The project is estimated to cost $23,100.

Work will begin next week to resurface 11 road sections in the area.

“Annually, we have a budget of $450,000 for resurfacing,” Gajdos said. “This year, the City Council opted to add $250,000 to the budget.”

Gajdos said resurfacing Hayes Street this year, a $300,000 project, took most of the annual budget. Now, with additional funds, Gajdos will be able to bring in the equipment needed to resurface more roads.

Road sections being resurfaced include Monroe Street from Fourth Street to Fifth Street, Third Street from Franklin Avenue to Howard Avenue, Albee Street from Woodlawn Avenue to Marion Avenue, Colfax Avenue from Verhoeks Street to Beacon Boulevard, Columbus Avenue from Seventh Street to Beacon Boulevard, Slayton Street from Despelder Street to Griffin Street, Sheldon Terrace from Sheldon Road to the dead end, Waverly Avenue from Verhoeks Street to Beacon Boulevard, Despelder Street from Taylor Street to the dead end, Verhoeks Street from Grant Avenue to Waverly Avenue and Colfax Avenue from Verhoeks Street to the dead end.

“The whole neighborhood of Colfax, Verhoeks and Waverly is all being redone,” Gajdos said. “They also will grind down the street so the road is the same height as before.”

Gajdos said work should be done within the week for the resurfacing projects.

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