Village of Spring Lake DDA Director Angela Stanford-Butler, Grand Haven Main Street Executive Director Jeremy Swiftney and Ferrysburg Mayor Rebecca Hopp model their respective municipality-themed masks.

To help instill community pride and help in the COVID-19 battle, the Village of Spring Lake and city of Ferrysburg have joined Grand Haven’s efforts to produce face masks that will be available for sale to the public.

Masks are currently available at Ferrysburg City Hall for $5 each. Spring Lake masks are expected to be available at the Village Hall the week of Aug. 3 for the same price.

Similar to the Grand Haven masks, the red and black face coverings include the logo “I love SL” or “I love FB.”

Ferrysburg City Manager Craig Bessinger said it’s a cooperative effort and he hopes residents join in.

“Pat McGinnis (Grand Haven city manager) shared this with the other communities,” Bessinger said. “We thought we could jump in and support people wearing a mask to help keep everyone safe.”

Ferrysburg Mayor Rebecca Hopp distributed 50 11-by-17-inch posters to local businesses. The posters, provided by North Ottawa Community Hospital, say “for the love of Ferrysburg, wear a mask,” with a photo of the mask.

Bessinger said he distributed masks to Hopp, staff and City Council members.

“We really haven’t publicized it yet, but we have them here available for public purchases,” he said.

Angela Stanford-Butler, director of the village’s Downtown Development Authority, said the collaboration between the city of Grand Haven, the Revel advertising agency of Muskegon and the North Ottawa Community Health System has been a win-win.

“No matter the city, town or village, the challenge is to ensure that our businesses can stay open and support that there’s a need to find a creative new way to encourage more folks to wear a mask,” Stanford-Butler said. “So many people insist that we keep our businesses open to save the economy when our (COVID-19) cases are still going up. Just as many people, if not more, want to stay safe from the virus. The fact is, the answer to both concerns is wearing a mask.”

Stanford-Butler said no one likes wearing a mask, but it’s a powerful thing to do to help protect local businesses and community members.

“Let’s admit it, no one loves wearing a mask, but we wear them as a part of the social contract,” she said. “It’s right up there with bathing, mowing your lawn and taking turns letting someone into the line of cars trying to merge.”

Stanford-Butler said there’s no sense taking a risk of infecting others.

“A mask contains your sneeze, cough, breath droplets, and keeps them away from others,” she said. “It only helps me when those around me are wearing a mask, as well. We do it to protect others – no agenda, no politics. It’s just doing what we should to help each other out.”

Not only will masking up, social distancing and frequently washing hands help stop the spread of the virus, these choices will also help businesses remain open, Stanford-Butler said.

“Please don’t forget there are still village businesses that can’t open,” she said. “Our music venue Seven Steps Up, On the Path Yoga studio, Snap Fitness gym and Dance Revolution studio have yet to open at all (due to state-mandated restrictions). They won’t be able to until our numbers go down and stay down.”

If you’d like to purchase a mask, call 616-842-1393 or email angela@springlake village.org.

Contact Marie Havenga at mhavenga@grandhaventribune.com.

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