The second treatment of parts of Spring Lake, including a portion of Smith’s Bayou, was conducted by a contractor on Wednesday.

Spring Lake Lake Board President John Nash said both treatments were for algae and Eurasion milfoil. A survey will be conducted following the treatment to determine its success, he added.

Engineers from the Progressive AE engineering firm survey the lake to determine what needs to be treated and where. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources then has to approve the request for treatment and issue the necessary permits.

The DNR allows for only small portions of the lake’s 1,091 acres of surface area to be treated at any given time. State law requires the treating company to post notices within 100 feet of every area treated. Those notices will list whether or not there are restrictions for use of the water and what those restrictions are.

There are no restrictions for water use following treatment for algae, according to Tony Groves, water resources practice leader for Progressive AE, but the notices still must be posted.

Nash said the first treatment was conducted in mid-June, due to cooler water temperatures and the lack of weed growth in the spring. Then the weather got hot around Memorial Day and the weeds grew really fast, he said.

Normally, the Lake Board will authorize three treatments a year, Nash said. It all depends on the lake conditions.

The Lake Board will also conduct a public hearing at 7 p.m. Aug. 17. Due to COVID-19, the meeting will be held via Zoom. Information on the meeting and how to sign into it can be found at the Lake Board’s website at spring

Nash said the board is looking at a multi-year treatment plan – including the application of alum, something that has not been done in 10 years.

The lake’s water quality is getting worse and a treatment would help it substantially, Nash said. Officials say an alum treatment is normally good for about five years.

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