Grand Haven Mayor Bob Monetza made a strong proclamation about the pandemic: Whether you liked them or not, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders saved lives.

Screenshot from Zoom City Council meeting Oct. 5

At its Oct. 5 meeting via Zoom, Grand Haven City Council members expressed their concerns with the state Supreme Court decision that revoked Whitmer’s executive order powers.

During the Oct. 5 City Council meeting, many council members used their time to express their concerns with last week’s Michigan Supreme Court decision that revoked Whitmer’s executive order powers.

This decision threw local municipalities into limbo. Suddenly the state’s COVID-19 guidance for virtual public meetings, mask mandates and other orders were deemed unconstitutional.

Some Michigan county health organizations scrambled to create and enforce their own mask regulations Monday morning. Others, like Ottawa County, waited for the Michigan Department of Public Health and Human Services to issue its own order with different authority, which essentially now has the same effect as Whitmer’s executive orders.

The Grand Haven City Council wasn’t even sure if it was still allowed to meet remotely, until Monday afternoon when more direction came from the state health department.

“I do not think anybody was surprised that it came out that way,” Monetza said. “But it left kind of a void that is starting to be filled by other measures.”

Monetza urged the residents of Grand Haven to keep practicing social distancing, washing their hands and wearing masks, despite their thoughts on the order controversy.

“We all need to recognize that we have learned a lot in the last several months,” he said. “Those executive orders have definitely saved lives. We need to respect that, whether we enjoy the inconvenience or whether we are affected economically.”

The whole effort was painful but necessary, Monetza added.

Councilman Mike Fritz agreed.

“We’ve got to get through this pandemic. We’ve got to get back to normal,” Fritz said. “If we do not keep following the rules, we are not going to get there. It is just going to escalate and get worse.”

The Chamber of Commerce of Grand Haven-Spring Lake-Ferrysburg issued this statement in response to the new order and last week’s state court decision: “As confusion continues, and state and local leaders work through the impact of the Michigan Supreme Court’s opinion, we all must not lose sight of doing the things that have kept our community healthy by following the mandates that have been reiterated by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and supported by (the) Ottawa County health department.”

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Politics or not,do what you can to keep yourself and others safe.


Spoken like a hero who has fought to keep America and Americans safe.


“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s [illegal and unconstitutional] executive orders saved lives [unless you were killed by her mandate that nursing homes and assisted living facilities accept seniors who were actively infected with the Chinese virus.]”

Funny there’s no mention of Wretchen Whitmer’s hand-picked Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, Robert Gordon, essentially re-instating her orders while illegally raising fines from the legal maximum of $200 to $1,000.

And who is this Robert Gordon, Super-Spreader of illegal mandates? Did Wretchen choose him for his expertise in epidemiology, like Dr. Faucci? Did she choose him for his medical degrees? Or was it his long history of work in human services, Medicaid, and Child Protective Services?

Not Exactly.

This tool was plucked by Barack Hussein Obama to work in the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Education. He is a lawyer from Harvard and Yale and was a law clerk for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Oh yeah, he also reinstated Whitmer’s order that killed so many people in nursing homes.

See how this works in a Socialist State? The people’s representatives in the Legislature don’t count; the Judiciary is powerless, but the Governator and her army of bureaucrats are in control – so Shut Up peasants and serfs.


I can't imagine a more qualified choice to fill the MDHHS directorship than Robert Gordon, unlike the unqualified, unfit, deeply corrupted and criminally-compromised family members and aides your failed-multiple-times businessman, 6x bankrupted, involved in over 4,300 lawsuits in a 25-year period, reality TV show host, sexual predator and adulterer, narcissist sociopath president, Donald J. Trump. "In his time at OMB, Gordon also led design of innovative initiatives in maternal and infant home visiting, early childhood development, and child welfare. He had direct responsibility for overseeing the Administration for Children and Families and Administration on Aging at the Department of Health and Human Services, food and nutrition programs at the Department of Agriculture, and the Social Security Administration.

Earlier in his career, Director Gordon held a key position at the New York City Department of Education, orchestrating a fair student funding approach that has persisted through multiple school chancellors. He also has served as a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, a law guardian in abuse and neglect cases at the Legal Aid Society of New York, and a law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In his first policy job, he worked in the White House helping to establish AmeriCorps, the national service program." This is what real, committed, public service is.


It's attitudes based on falsehoods, disinformation, and propaganda like yours in this comment, along with those of your president, Trump, that have inflamed and empowered the white power far-right MI militias into planning to kidnap Gov Whitmer and create havoc in the state capital and elsewhere, Timothy-McVeigh-style, only far more armed with military-grade assault weapons than in 1998. Keep it up, Vlad! What a legacy you are leaving for children and grandchildren!


1. Gordon is, as you proved, nothing but a career Democrat federal bureaucrat, bouncing from the Office of Management and Budget to The Department of Education to Social Security to the left-wing Brookings Institution. He had no experience in Michigan related issues and problems.

2. If the charges about militias planning to kidnap Wretchen are true then those responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, unlike the way Black Lives Matter felons are treated.

They should also be given comprehensive mental examinations - no one in their right mind would want to kidnap and spend time with Whitmer, who Pelosi-like all but claimed the President of the United States was responsible for the plans of psychopaths, even though he has repeatedly condemned those people and groups. Maybe Biden can emulate him and condemn, by name, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and other Democrat hate groups.

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