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The beaches were crowded again on Monday, a day after police and conservation officers closed the Grand Haven State Park due to an unruly crowd.

An unruly crowd of young people caused police to close the south pier and then the day use area at the Grand Haven State Park on Sunday evening.

The park was closed at about 8:45 p.m.

No injuries or other major incidents were reported during that time, said Lt. Lee Adams of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.

Other than writing a lot of parking tickets, it was a mostly normal weekend, Adams said.

“It was very busy yesterday (Fourth of July),” Adams said on Monday. “It was one of the busiest weekends we’ve seen in a couple years. But for the most part, everyone was behaving.”

But a crowd of young people, probably in their late teens and early 20s, had gathered on the pier, Adams said. Police were receiving complaints that it was not safe for families and that people were getting bumped almost into the water if they tried to get by.

Adams said it was a “very large group of probably over 1,000.”

Once police closed the pier, the crowd moved to the beach.

“There were a couple of fights in that group that broke up before we got there,” Adams said.

State park officials were the ones that made the call to close the park’s day use area, more than an hour before the park normally closes, Adams said. About 20 conservation officers, along with a number of GHDPS officers cleared the busy park.

Both the state park and GHDPS have had increased staffing at the park on the major weekends, Adams said. They will continue to do so over the summer.

With temperatures in the 80s, although cooler at the lakeshore, crowds have been drawn to Grand Haven and the popular beach at Grand Haven State Park. Despite breezy and wavy conditions, lots of people were in the water.

Adams said, as of Monday afternoon, there had been no water rescues.

Police have had some drunk drivers and disorderly people around town, but nothing out of the ordinary, he added.

Even the number of fireworks complaints were down, although that may have been somewhat due to Grand Haven not having a fireworks show this year. The event was canceled earlier this summer, when some COVID-19 crowd restrictions were still in place.

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I heard they were po'ed because there's no more tourist parking at the Funky Farm.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Hold The Presses - "Insurrection at Grand Haven State Park!" Worst event since the Detroit Riots of '67.

"Unruly youts" sounds like a dog whistle. .. .


Dangerous situation that has unfortunately become quite common at the park. You have no idea obviously.


It's a good thing they weren't in DC; they'd all be in jail.

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