West Michigan breweries support Safe Haven Ministries

Courtesy photoSeveral West Michigan craft breweries have teamed up to support Safe Haven Ministries in its mission to solve the problem of domestic abuse in the community.

Twenty-two West Michigan businesses have all rallied around the declaration that “Love Shouldn’t Hurt.”

The group, primarily made up of craft beverage producers, has come together to support Safe Haven Ministries in its mission to solve the problem of domestic abuse in the community.

Participating breweries, wineries and distilleries have each created a new beverage using the name “Love.” The unique brews, ciders and cocktails will be sold at each business, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Safe Haven Ministries.

The project kicked off Nov. 25 and will run through the remainder of the year.

The Mitten State, an apparel company based in Grand Rapids, will also donate a portion of sales from its Michigan “Love” apparel series. A few participating locations will sell limited-edition “Love” pint glasses to benefit the nonprofit.

“The foremost goal of this project is to support Safe Haven in their mission to solve the problem of domestic abuse in our community,” said Dana Mate Dones, operations manager of The Mitten Brewing Co. “But a secondary goal is to prove that when responsibly enjoyed, alcohol can be a force for good and actually be a part of breaking the cycle of domestic abuse, despite its long negative association with the issue.”

Safe Haven Ministries provides emergency shelter, case management, support groups and more to women and children suffering from domestic abuse. The organization also provides education and prevention programs for businesses, schools, health care providers and other members of the community.

“It’s an important consideration for our industry to think about how what we produce affects individuals in our community,” said Edwin Collazo, co-owner of City Built Brewing. “We have taken great care to practice responsibility as it pertains to our environment, our service and training, as well as how those things affect the most vulnerable."

Participants include Founders Brewing Co., The Mitten Brewing Co., Speciation Artisan Ales, Long Road Distillers, City Built Brewing, The People’s Cider Co., Vander Mill Grand Rapids, Gray Skies Distillery, Cedar Springs Brewing Co., Broad Leaf Local Beer, Harmony Brewing, Harmony Hall, Trail Point Brewing, Rockford Brewing, Thornapple Brewing, Railtown Brewing, TwoGuys Brewing, Wise Men Distillery, Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery, Brewery Vivant, Atwater Brewing and Better Drinking Culture.

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