A nurse gives a COVID-19 vaccine shot earlier this year.

LANSING — Four female soccer players at Western Michigan University challenged the school's COVID-19 vaccine requirement for athletes Monday, saying it violates their Christian beliefs.

The lawsuit came days after a Michigan State University employee sued to block its mandate, which is broader and applies to all students, faculty and staff.

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"The Michigan State plaintiff is Jeanna Norris, 37, a supervisory administrative associate and fiscal officer who said she has natural immunity." I agree with Ms.Norris insofar that I, too believe have developed natural immunity, otherwise know as "herd immunity", almost two years ago before this disease had a name. November 2019 for six weeks I experienced a lower respiratory condition, however mildly, but I was able to go to work each day for which I am grateful since I'm the sole bread winner in my household. I'm in the 65-75 year old age group. I've always kept my health as clean as possible so I feel as though the way in which each one of us cares for their body would determine so many outcomes, there being myriad of results. I recovered without any further complications, I've not had any other discomfort to date.

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