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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer 

LANSING (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday vetoed a bill that would prohibit Michigan's workplace safety agency from fining employers for first-time violations of COVID-19 rules and require reimbursements if they violated her 2020 executive orders that were later declared unconstitutional.

The Democratic governor said the Republican-sponsored legislation would cause the state, which enforces workplace safety rules, to fall below minimum standards required by federal law.

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Gov Whitmer, just one year into her governorship, was faced with a massive, once-in-a-century global pandemic that was infecting and killing thousands of Michiganders and cratering the economy. She and her administration responded aggressively, effectively, and appropriately for the seriousness of the threat to Michiganders and the long-term effect on it's economy. During a time when the pandemic was grossly mishandled and mismanaged by the Trump administration creating a massive scale of Covid spread with millions of infections and close to a million deaths, and the consequent long-term damage to the economy, Gov Whitmer took the truly courageous and carefully-planned steps to counter the attack and follow science and the experts.

Thank God for Governor Whitmer!


wake up lanivan.....look at Delhi India, then look at Uganda's deaths from cover. NO business closings, NO masks....and guess what....they have declared themselves Covid free after 5 weeks of Hydroxychloroquine, or/or Ivermectin. Wake up. Look at the Nordic countries, they have banned Modern vaccine, it is giving people heart problems. Wake up.


Wasting your breath SLGirl. Lanivan is and has always been a clueless dupe. She believes things she wants to be true. Doesn't matter that they aren't. Whitmer has been a train wreck as Governor.


Your comments about me on a personal level are mindlessly, mind-numbingly repetitive. Please! "Clueless dupe"??? Right out of the '50's. Sheesh kabob!!


Your comment is full of falsehoods and misleading claims.

1. India and Uganda are not "Covid-free". This is a lie spread by right-wing media.

2. No one ever has been cured of Covid by Ivermectin, which is a highly successful anti-parasitic in humans and a dewormer in animals. Covid is a virus, not a parasite. Too much Ivermectin in humans can make them very sick or die. Doctors who prescribe Ivermectin to their patients for Covid are being dropped by insurance companies and losing their medical licenses. The Ivermectin thing is a falsehood and misinformation spread by right wing social media.

3. No Nordic country has banned the Moderna vaccine. They have paused it as an option for young men under 30, as some studies have shown an increase in myocarditis in young men under 30, all of which has been transient with no lingering side effects, unlike the myocarditis due to Covid infection, which has shown to linger and cause serious long-term problems in mostly unvaccinated people of all ages. Your claim is a deliberate misinterpretation spread by right wing news media and right wing social media.


The reality of Government control.


From the Governor who wouldn’t let you buy paint and gardening items last year. Political hypocrisy


You might be interested in knowing that in March/April 2020, 43 governors locked down their states: All Democrat governors, and 19 out of 26 Republican governors. Sparsely-populated states that didn't: WY/UT/SD/ND/NE/IA.

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