The general public has two more weeks to ask questions and comment on an upcoming $22.8 million maintenance project that involves five bridges in the U.S. 31 and M-104 triangle area intersecting Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg.

Michigan Department of Transportation officials outlined the project and answered questions during a virtual public meeting Wednesday afternoon.

2  M 104 bridge

The M-104 bridge, which crosses the channel from the Grand River to Spring Lake and links Spring Lake to Ferrysburg, is also part of the $22.8 million project.

bridge project area.jpg
3 South Channel Bridge SB.jpg

The bridge over Grand River's south channel, located just south of the U.S. 31 drawbridge as you enter or leave Grand Haven, is also on the list. 

5 US 31 M 104 ramp

The U.S. 31 bridge over the ramp going from Spring Lake and Ferrysburg into Grand Haven (or back to Spring Lake) is also part of the maintenance project.

4 Third Street bridge.jpg

The U.S. 31 bridge over Third Street in Ferrysburg, near a local ice cream shop, is on the maintenance list.

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Hmmm...and where did this money come from all of a sudden? Plus all of the current construction going on in GH. This is fishy. Makes you wonder, don't it?

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