An interesting thread on a social media post caught my attention the other night. The original post was a sort of poll about the possibility of Michigan capping the price of insulin at $100 per month. What was so interesting to me was that almost all of the comments said vociferously "yes."

Yes! Cap the price. Yes, do something about the insane cost of prescription drugs.

Alicia Hager is a Tribune Community Columnist

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More pearls of wisdom from one of the large stable of Left-Wing ‘Community Columnists’ who is inspired to overthrow our system of government by an un-identified number of comments on an un-identified social media outlet – heck of a way to determine the fate of 300+ million American citizens.

Adam Schiff - like, Ms. Hager makes up a definition of Capitalism and then proceeds to trash the Frankenstein she has created – never mind that the major distinguishing features of Capitalism are (1) private or corporate ownership of capital goods, (2) investments that are determined by private decision, and (3) prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. Of course, these days big Government’s choosing winners and losers makes the concept of a free market quaint.

So, have the Government, not the citizens, arbitrarily set the price of insulin, without regard to the costs involved or the harm it causes not to the CEO but to the shareholders, including pension funds. Let’s apply that to Michigan milk, Michigan cherries, Michigan apples and see how individual farmers and agricultural workers are impacted. Apply it to Michigan car insurance – oops, the bureaucrats already set those prices.

The best is yet to come – in Ms. Hager’s world, (and that of Marx, Engels, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro. Maduro, and Little Rocket Man, to name a few) class solidarity means everything, although she fails to tell us who will decide what the winning class should be – is it the millionaires? People making $40,000 to $100,000? Those on welfare? The college educated? High school dropouts? Or how the winning class would be enforced.

This counts! Both Mao and Pol Pot established brutal student enforcement squads (think Antifa and the Hitler Youth) who brutalized and killed academics, religious people, shopkeepers, bureaucrats, and landowners (even people who wore glasses) when they decided that poor peasants would be the winning class.

In real life, there are winners and losers. Ms. Hager’s promotion of class warfare (for that is the inevitable consequence of her recommendation) is dangerous – even though it is a policy embraced by the Democrat Party (Identity Politics, tax the rich, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Income Inequality, Reparations, Group Rights, etc.). If history is a guide, it may be dangerous for Ms. Hager and her educated socialists if, once unleashed, the winning class doesn’t include them or their families.

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