Let’s talk about weed. Yep, just when you thought your local progressive pastor couldn’t move any further to the left, here I am.

Except, the question of recreational marijuana use is increasingly one of the few issues in our country that is based less upon a partisan divide and instead upon generational perceptions.

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You had a opportunity to write a Christmas/New Year message and wrote this..you are Priest in name only.

Fr. Jared's Cramer

Rottweiler, I will never understand why you continue to attack me personally for not writing about things you want me to write about. I put out between 5,000-7,000 words of content on a regular basis, a small portion of which is this column. I have said a lot about Christmas and New Year. When I write about religion, you complain. When I write about how religion interacts with politics, you complain.

Perhaps stop hiding behind a pseudonym, use your real name (just like I do in everything I write) and engage the actual content instead of attacking me personally. Just a thought, since I would assume you claim Christianity...


You put your liberal left wing garbage out there..and I comment following the forum rules..don’t whine it is pathetic and no you posted nothing for Easter and Christmas. Why don’t you quit hiding behind religion and go into politics?


Your emissary has failed

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