My favorite television show from the late 1950s and early ’60s was Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone.” Each episode would take on an important issue of the day, whether it be racism or war or fears of alien invaders.

On March 4, 1960, Rod Serling presented one of the most famous episodes, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” which he wrote. You can watch it on YouTube. This particular show revealed our fears of “the other,” in this case our fears of alien invaders. What set off the neighborhood, neighbor against neighbor, was the fear that the alien invaders had sent a scout in the form of one of the neighbors. But which one?

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I actually don't think Lanny is bitter and angry - I think it's more complicated than that.

She's claimed over the years after Barack Hussein Obama was elected that she used to be a moderate Republican but then saw the light.

She then has morphed into an effective letter writer who worshiped Obama and blamed George W. Bush for all of Obama's shortcomings.

As a now dedicated socialist instead of a 'moderate Republican' she put all of her eggs into the frayed Hillary basket, and when Hillary lost. unfortunately Lanny lost her perspective and her intellect.

She may be bitter and angry, but I think it's more likely she's disillusioned, disappointed, and depressed.

That's not a good place to be - I wish her the best.


Actually, you know me far better than this. I spent a lot of time explaining my position, both pre- and post-Obama, as it evolved over the years. As your wont, there are many inconsistencies in your summation of my political evolution. Yes - I have lived my life, born and bred, as a moderate Republican, fiscally conservative and an advocate for social justice and equality. I recognize and accept that the world changes, and with it, government must change to meet those challenges and the needs of the society it serves, and in the USA, that means in adherence to the Constitution and working within a framework of our democratic ideals of justice, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, standards, ethics, and rule of law. It does not mean that a man who betrays his country in the most treasonous way - deliberate and carefully-planned collusion with a hostile foreign country to influence the election in his favor - proven without a doubt to be a Russian asset - should become president. It does not mean that a man can inherit a thriving and growing economy and within just a few years drive the deficit over $1 Trillion and a federal debt by several Trillions, lose 7.8 million jobs in 3.5 years, with unemployment levels the highest since WWII. It does not mean that a president can hijack the USPS to serve his own interests and attack democracy - the post office which is a service to the American people as enumerated in the Constitution. I could go on, the repealing of environmental regulations, the opening up of public national parks to drilling and development, the separating and caging of little children, the mocking of the disabled, the profound mental and physical laziness, the craven politicalization of a deadlyhealth pandemic, so yes - Rottweiller is right-on - I am bitter and angry. This is a deeply corrupt president, a deeply corrupt administration, and a deeply corrupt Republican party who supports and enables this corruption. They are all complicit, and have all betrayed the country with their corruption. Sadly, my disillusionment and disappointment come from your complicity in this betrayal. Yet, I still also wish you the best.


Rev. Idema needs to take his own advice. His opinions through the years have done a lot to cause divide and not just with his political beliefs. Guess I better take his advice and "block" him.


Well said


And what do you think your doing Idema? Nothing more than fanning the flames of anger just as you have been doing for years. You don't even see the parallels in your own opinion based writing.


To take just one example of the falsehoods in this amalgam of falsehoods and anti-Trump rhetoric, let’s examine how President Trump “contradicts time and time again his own doctors on his virus team” 1. Yes, President Trump DID contradict Dr. Fauci when he stopped air travel from China, source of the Chinese virus, and then from other countries that were experiencing high levels of infection, and saving untold hundreds of thousands of American lives. Dr. Fauci, in his best medical opinion, wanted open borders.

2. No, President Trump DID NOT contradict Dr. Fauci and the team when he shut down the parts of the economy over which he has Constitutional authority.

3. No, President Trump DID NOT contradict Dr Fauci when he demanded in person voting as we have held elections for over two centuries. Dr. Fauci recently said there is no reason not to have in person voting, just like there is no reason not to go grocery shopping.

4. No, President Trump DID NOT contradict Dr. Fauci and the team when he constantly urged the wearing of masks, social distancing, and the complete program of the medical team.

5. No, President Trump DID NOT contradict Dr. Fauci and the team when he invoked the Defense Production Act to initiate private/government partnerships to vastly increase tests, PPE, surgical masks, ventilators and other tools to fight the Chinese virus.

It would take an essay to deconstruct all of the other falsehoods in this Leftist screed, but I have to give the Rev. racist props for his attack of an African born – American Doctor who actually is working on the front lines of the Chinese virus infections, unlike Dr. Fauci, and who has different religious beliefs than the Rev.


It's hard to justify how anyone could possibly continue to support Trump, a "lazy internet troll", aptly put by Bill Clinton. This is someone who just recently wished "well" a long-time woman friend who has just been arrested for being at the center of an international child rape ring; under whom 5.4 MILLION Americans have become infected with Covid-19 and 170,000 deaths; and under whom the economy is in tatters, despite his constant promising economic growth of 4-6% (the best is 2.9% = to Obama's 2.9% in - the US has LOST 7.8 MILLION jobs under Trump, 7,100 coal mining and 274,000 mnfc; unemployment rate highest level since WWII; after 9 yrs, 5 mths of constant monthly job gains - longest on record - 22 MILLION jobs disappeared mid-Feb through mid-April)). But back to the Trump Pandemic Debacle: Just a few actual FACTS that demonstrate Trump's malevolent neglect....1.) Trump fired the entire US pandemic response team in 2018. 2.) Daily responses (tweets and videos over months) show a Trump response that was and is disjointed, contradictory, indifferent to science, and eager to hand-off responsibility to states. 3.) Could have contained the virus by launching a coordinated national response to this global pandemic. 4.) Has consistently contradicted and publicly attempted to demean and humiliate his team by calling them "pathetic" (Dr. Birx), "alarmist" (Dr. Fauci), just a few out of many examples. There is no justification for Trump's inept and corrupt presidency that has threatened US health, welfare, and security.


Leave It To Lanny

To demonstrate the insanity and lack of irony and self-awareness when suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome:

Unable to refute any of the facts I provided, Lanny demonstrates TDS by:

Citing Bill Clinton regarding President Trump’s wishing the girlfriend of child sex ring fiend Epstein well. That would be rapist, sexual predator, defiler of a young intern in his White House, perjurer Bill Clinton - the same Bill Clinton who took at least 26 trips on Epstein’s Lolita Express, some with Epstein’s girlfriend, and was photographed getting a massage from one of Epstein’s victims. Bill Clinton – Really, Lanny?

As the TDS strengthens, Lanny claims our President is responsible for the Chinese Virus deaths in the U.S. Let’s look at deaths per million population:

Cuomo’s New York – 1,670

Murphy’s New Jersey – 1,798

Democrat Massachusetts – 1,270

Democrat Connecticut – 1,246

Belgium – 852

United Kingdom – 688

Whitmer’s Michigan – 663

Spain – 611

Italy – 583

Sweden – 571

USA – 509

Florida - 408

Texas – 311

President Trump’s response was so bad in a free Society? Really, Lanny?

Most people don’t live in Lannyworld, where up is down, night is day, rioters are peaceful protesters, girls are boys and vice-versa, and cops are evil racists.


Very nice Vlad... she is bitter and angry.


Goodness me!! - Not even I live in your smoke and mirrors "Lannyworld"! I'm so flabbergasted at your make-believe imaginary world I could say something about nipping on the 'ole bottle, but instead will only say....Gotcha!! I just had to reference Bill, as I know you have memorized his history with all that amazing brain power!

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