Two weeks ago, Bridge Magazine published a guest column titled “Michigan restricts inmates’ Medicaid access. Here’s why we should care.” I think we should care about facts and that column was largely devoid of them.

Anyone who read that column would leave with a fundamental misunderstanding of what goes on in this state and in the Michigan Department of Corrections.

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In response to the article:

By Chris Gautz (Column was wrong about inmate medical care)

Mich. Dept. of Corrections

Most people would have absolutely no clue about what goes on in the MDOC unless:

They are incarcerated

They were previously incarcerated

They know someone personally who is incarcerated.

Ex. Gov. Snyder was “commander in chief” for many years of the MDOC. His involvement or lack thereof concerning the people of Flint (lead in the water) was indicative of how he felt about the welfare of people in general. Now, someone from another government agency is selling us on the integrity of the MDOC.

Michigan picks and chooses who to incarcerate based upon “ability to hire”. With a 95% plea-bargaining “success rate” we shouldn’t be too proud. It is touted by law enforcement, prosecutors and judges as something …very good. Claiming that it is a win – win situation for the public and accused.

BTW- One in 27 adults is under correctional control in Michigan, this also according to a Pew Charitable Trusts (May 1, 2009). I found that impressive as well.

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