Today marked the next public step of the 2020 public election, as Congress meets to count the electoral votes and officially declare the winner of the election. Then, 14 days later, we will witness the peaceful transfer of power as Joe Biden is inaugurated as president of the United States.

Normally, these final two weeks are not carefully watched by the media or the general public. However, “unprecedented” is President Trump’s favorite mode of operations and ever since the election he has launched a passionate (and, so far, completely rejected) campaign to claim the election was rigged. As leaders on both sides of the aisle have noted, his actions and the actions of those who support him are undermining the very foundations of our democracy, and they are doing so without having launched a single court challenge with evidence sufficient to change the election.

About the writer: The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, Tribune community columnist, serves as rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven. Information about his parish can be found at

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There will never be unity when people like you, Rev. Cramer, believe in statements like: "Republicans should also stop fighting the culture wars of the previous generation." What a huge generalization. You are lumping all Republicans into one large group. Republicans have been vilified and degraded for years about things that are not true. Yet Republicans are suppose to forgive and forget and just accept what they are told to do. If you think there is a great divide now, there will be a greater divide if Democrats are in charge of all 3 branches.


Cramer not one good word from you for Christmas one of the most important Christian holidays...but given a chance to pop off about politics you don’t miss a beat. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and no religious leader.

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