It’s another election year, which means that voter ID laws are back in the news.

Already, Kentucky Republican legislators introduced a new bill requiring voters to present a limited form of ID when they show up to the polls before casting a ballot. If passed, the voter ID law, which is supported by Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams, would be in place for November’s general elections.

About the writer: Danielle Root is the associate director of Voting Rights and Access to Justice at the Center for American Progress. She wrote this for Distributed by TNS.

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or get a fishing liscence,or getting a abortion


WIih this kind of logic lets get rid of Drivers Licenses as well....and why ID anyone getting on a plane or to file for social security..


Or to rent a car, or to cash a check, or to buy booze. Let's just let minors buy all the booze they want. Lefties think they are mature enough to vote. Just shows the absurdity of it all and this column is the epitome of that.

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