If you watch Ken Burns’ documentary on the Dust Bowl, you see how much help was provided to the poor by FDR’s New Deal. Jobs were provided through the WPA and CCC, people were fed, Social Security was enacted, and on and on. Today, our federal government seems to be missing in action on so many fronts.

For example, we do not have a 50-state plan for controlling the pandemic. Rural hospitals have disappeared in many states, and many hospitals, even in our large cities, still do not have enough medical equipment to combat the pandemic. The coronavirus is killing the poor and people of color at a higher rate than the white population. 3M and other companies are importing masks and other medical equipment from China. Teen suicides are on the rise. America has a homelessness crisis.

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How typical of a Leftist to sing the praises of one of the most racist Presidents since Democrat Woodrow Wilson, while suggesting we should follow his example.

• FDR issued an Executive Order forcing more than 100,000 Americans of Japanese descent into prison camps but not Americans of German or Italian descent (White Privilege)?

• FDR snubbed 4 time Gold Medal winner, Black Olympic hero Jesse Owens, who humiliated Hitler, by not inviting him to the White House when he honored White Olympians;

• FDR’s programs the Rev loves so much, the New Deal, minimum wage, social security, unemployment insurance, union rights, excluded farmers and domestics, and thus most Southern Black workers;

• These Federal benefits were locally distributed at the insistence of Democrat segregationists;

• The New Deal Housing programs satisfied Northern Democrat segregationists by coding Black neighborhoods as unsuitable for new mortgages;

• FDR continued segregation in the Armed Services.

All of the above from the Leftist Huffington Post. When Idema and the Democrats start applying their cancel culture to Democrats, and start removing names and statues of Wilson, Roosevelt, and KKK Grand Kleagle and Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd, and many, many others I’ll start to believe they are doing this on principle rater than a way to get President Trump.

The point about the Chinese Flu and the Socialist Medicare for all is absurd. Nobody went untreated for CoVid 19 because they lost their job and their health insurance. If anything, people avoided medical care because the Democrats and their media unnecessarily frightened people to death

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