People can really surprise you. In a recent podcast, Rudy Giuliani was addressing the reaction between the aftermath of 9/11 and the aftermath of the virus hitting the United States. He pointed out that after 9/11 people turned to God, they went to church, and there was recognition of the need to seek comfort in God because of the enormity of the attack and the loss of innocent life. He himself saw the need to seek God’s help to handle the situation. He contrasted that with COVID-19 – churches closed their doors and adjusted to online services, but fear seemed to rule the day rather than faith.

Initially, everyone supported the two-week pause in life, but as time went by people began to question what was happening. What did the Constitution say? Government experts responded with constantly changing health directives, claims and counter claims. Ministers who said that the government had no right to shut churches down because of the First Amendment were threatened with arrest and huge fines.

My surprise came that Rudy, America’s mayor, the guy who took on the mob, the guy who cleaned up New York, who got rid of the car window squeegee squads and believed in the Broken Windows Theory of crime prevention, the guy who made the Big Apple one of the safest big cities in America and led NYC thru 9/11. He’s not a guy that I would expect to speak about the spiritual state of the nation.

As the Biden administration takes a foothold and advances their policies with stack after stack of executive orders bypassing Congress and input from “We the People,” we see a change of direction in our nation that is something akin to whiplash.

Our border policies were working. They honored those who sought legal admission to America, but they have been struck down, with no policy to replace them. As a consequence, thousands of people are once again pouring into America; 100,000 in February alone. We have no idea who these people are, where they are from, and in the age of COVID-19 what they are bringing with them as they are released into the interior of the nation. How is this good for the people making the dangerous journey? Many are unaccompanied minors, but are they really since they have no papers? What parent sends their children on a dangerous journey alone?

You would think, after the chaos of the last election, that everyone would have a vested interest in tightening up voter laws to assure a fair and honest election in the future. For example, here in Michigan 177,000 names were purged from the voter roll, not before but after the election. The margin of victory in Michigan was in the 150,000-vote range.

“Vote the bums out” is a familiar mantra. The release valve for the unhappy electorate is finding a better candidate. If no one trusts the honesty of elections, relief is a moot point. HR1, the “For the People” bill, would transfer election law away from the state legislators as the Constitution stipulates to Washington, D.C., not particularly the center of confidence and wisdom. I contend that any time you put distance between yourself and a decision, your voice counts less. This bill mandates automatic voter registration, including same day and online. No witness signature for absentee ballots and they must be accepted up to 10 days after the election. It would be illegal to verify addresses of registered voters and cross checking for registration in multiple states. It bans state voter ID laws. Noncitizens would be eligible to vote with auto registration. It allows 16 year olds to vote. Gives tax dollars to candidates and impinges on free speech. Even the ACLU doesn’t approve.

The next thing to come down the pike is the Equality Act of 2021, HR5. What would sound better than equality – but wait, it’s not that kind of equality.

Not that long ago, when a family was expecting a baby, you’d guess if it would be a boy or girl, and when it was born, you knew. Later ultrasound provided an early peek. Today, more and more people think we should let the child decide, and, to not influence that decision with stereotypes, we go all gender neutral. This act would to put into law gender-neutral bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams and hiring practices no matter what your belief system. I have serious doubts that individual rights and freedom of conscience for doctors, churches and individuals will be honored.

Then there is the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, of which over 90 percent has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with bailing out failed policies in places like New York and California, the home states of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Hello, Washington – a $1,400 check is not going to lift anyone out of poverty. How about we open the country?

Going back to Rudy, when I look at all of these things happening to our great nation, I see these choices before us and the assault on basic common sense, the throwing off of age-old norms, of borders, of citizenship, the integrity of the vote, of staggering debt while Capitol Hill is still surrounded with a fence and razor wire, we need more Rudys seeing the need of spiritual help.

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Once again, Geri doesn't disappoint in her monthly right-wing rant full of inconsistencies, outrageous falsehoods, and skewed insights. Geri's op-eds are chock full of misinformation, to the extent that it is a futile exercise to get the facts, but just for starters:

1. Biden has issued twice as many EO's as Trump and Obama combined, but he also has inherited the worst economy and worst pandemic in 100 years; the lowest job creation and highest unemployment in at least a decade; the most compromised global power position in decades; a nation reeling from climate-change-induced natural disasters.....and an exploding debt due to Trump tax cuts during a time of a thriving economy.

"Biden’s early executive actions range in their focus, touching on immigration, racial justice, transgender rights, coronavirus, climate change, and health. There’s the reversal of Trump’s decision to remove the US from the World Health Organization, a directive to preserve the DACA program, a repeal of the so-called Muslim ban, and a slew of orders aimed at tackling the climate crisis. At least 13 executive orders and memos directly undo work from the previous administration." President Biden is doing exactly what 81 million American voters wanted him to do, and we are thrilled at his efficiency, hard work, focus, and compassion.

You seem totally baffled by just who is coming across the border in February. A simple Google search tells us it is predominantly desperate parents sending their children out of Central American countries that are suffering deep poverty, corruption and violence, destruction of homes and farms due to natural disasters, and constant food insecurity due to decade-long drought conditions.

Wouldn't it be lovely if the Trib could offer a writer with actual conservative, fact-based opinions that honor the spirit of debate instead of regurgitating debunked, tired, hashed over, gossipy falsehoods and disinformation!

Yea, Buddy

It's spelled Best Economy. Your labor statistics are wrong, too. Once again, get your radical left extremist stuff corrected. And visit Portland, where the democrats just rioted again, torching a federal courthouse. Similar to the June 20 riots at US Capital, 30 SS people injured, moltov cocktails, etc. Radical left news somehow just omitted reporting that...


Why do you run for Mayor Lanivan you seem to be an expert on everything. Go ahead give it a shot.

tops of the waves

Poor Rudy. The former Dem jumped the shark 15 years ago and has struggled to remain relevant since. He's sadly become a meme of himself with his sweating hair dye, face make-up, and farting. Better he should retire quietly and live off of his past glory as a DA and Mayor.


Thank you Geri

Seriously, worshipping Rudy? The guy guy tRump even kicked to the curb because of his erratic behavior? Um, if you have God in your life, you don't need Rudy telling you what to do. I believe everyone has their own beliefs, principals & are entitled to them. But to spout nonsense supporting a person that is mentally and morally (Borat) compromised is absurd. Check yourself.

Yea, Buddy

EXCELLENT column again, Geri! H.R. 1 is a power grab of Pelosi's. A disaster for America.

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