A call for moderation on news social media

Alicia Hager

This morning in my social media notifications was a badge from a local news station as a “Top Commenter,” which is funny, because I spend more time reporting comments on their threads than wading into arguments with people I don’t know.

I have an argument to make in this column, and it’s that all pages on platforms like Facebook should employ paid or volunteer moderators.

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I had hopes the new owners of the Tribune would stop the flow of Leftist articles flowing freely from the old owner’s favored pet writers – the so-called ‘Community Columnists. No such luck and another reason the Trib is headed toward the fate of the Dodos.

Ms. Hager’s latest virtue signaling is exactly why Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the media are now censors of any thoughts that run contrary to their Leftist orthodoxy – at the same time she proclaims the ‘decency’ of a group she ‘moderates’ (censors by muting, banning, and deleting commenters and their comments), she feels free to take a shot at our President.

Apparently Ms. Hager doesn’t understand that our country includes people who disagree with her, and that the sentiment that illegal invaders should ‘go back to where they came from’ is a perfectly normal and understandable response shared by a significant percentage of the population. Ms. Hager is actually saying that the mainstream media’s documented censorship of Conservative voices needs to be increased to satisfy her tender sensibilities.

Maybe Ms. Hager should be the moderator of the Trib – maybe she already is. . . .


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