Less than a month ago, President Trump became the first Republican in history, as well as the first cast member of “Home Alone 2,” ever to be impeached.

It’s quite fitting given President Trump seems to be a political Kevin McCallister, absolutely embarrassing the Democrats, “Harry and Marv,” at every turn, no matter what they attempt to do to him.

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About the writer: aren't you a convicted felon?


It is very refreshing to see an unbiased article about the entire fiasco which is ripping this country apart. Everyone involved knows it's a sham. Every AMerican who pays attention to politics knows it's a sham. Thank God there are real writer's and American's who just like the truth regardless of the outcomes from the truth. We need more articles like this from the Tribune. Cheers to The GH Tribune for posting this. Cheers to Brandon for writing such a succinct iteration of the days events.

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