“Bad governments always lie because telling the truth requires honour and courage!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

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More rantings from a Narcissist good god he even submits a new picture..... sick man.


Sometimes hard to hear the truth.


No the truth when I hear it versus a bitter losers rantings


Mark Smith - You've perfectly summed up the position we Americans find ourselves in after 4 years of the Trump Era - I couldn't add anything to this piece, except to encourage people who value the following, whether for themselves, their families, or their friends, to vote for Rev. Bryan Berghoff, who believes in, and will stand behind and vigorously support these important areas in all our lives:

Health care, health care for people with pre-existing conditions, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the environment including the Great Lakes, a return to the Rule of Law and respect for the Constitution. Bill Huizenga has fought hard against all these areas, while supporting Trump throughout tax cuts for the wealthy that have added Trillions to the federal debt and deficit, and the irresponsible lack of a Trump administration national response to the Covid pandemic. It's time for a change!




I note with glee that this comment did not warrant being sent into the spam file!


I think what got my attention of this so called columnist is his quote from the famous Turkish writer that is best know for his series featuring an unnamed transvestite amatuer detective. So that's suppose to bolster his credibility? I can reasonably say with Biblical truth that it may attract itching ears, with the bulk of the article coming to nothing.

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