“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” For many of us, this was the poem that we learned in grade school to teach us who Columbus was and why we celebrate his legacy on the second Monday of October.

The intentions that led to the creation of Columbus Day were mostly good. We wanted to find a way to celebrate our nation’s history of immigration, we wanted to honor the many contributions that Italian-Americans have made to this nation, and we wanted to celebrate patriotism.

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[thumbup] I commend you Senator for your bill. I hope that it passes. Back in 1994 My Grandmother and my father Clan Mother Distarte and Chief Black Hawk San Carlos began this trek to change Columbus day. For 10 years we fought to get that day change and in 1994 in was changed and the Mayor of Mt Vernon NY passed that bill and it is now Indigenous peoples day. Our family still has the proclamation hanging on the wall. We are very happy to see this. And I commend you for speaking the truth for about Columbus. I say to those who appose should understand that celebrating Columbus day is like asking the Jewish people to post a statue of Hitler and force them to celebrate his day. No one would want to do that would they? Thank you.

Chief Eaglefeather San Carlos

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