“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” – phrase popularly attributed to Sen. Everett McKinley Dirksen (but there hasn’t been any evidence to prove he actually said it)

It’s tax time again, a good time to take a look at where your money is going and where your representative’s fiscal priorities are.

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Wow Mr. Smith!! One would think that the comments in response to your op-ed piece by the local right-wingers represents most Americans - so confident are they in their posturing, sputtering, stuttering, and blathering! Some recent polling results show a very different picture:

77% of Americans like the American Rescue Plan.

84% of Americans like background checks for gun purchases and support stricter checks.

79% want government to fix roads, bridges, and ports.

71% want government to make sure the country has access to high-speed Internet.

68% want government to replace lead pipes.

68% want government to support renewable energy with tax credits.

64% want these measures to be paid for by increasing taxes on corporations and big business.

The fact is that 55 of the most profitable US companies pay NO federal income taxes, yet congressional Republicans think the corporate tax rate is too high.

Looks like President Biden's proposals to create jobs, improve the country's infrastructure, build up the Middle Class, and chip away at the enormous wealth inequity in the country is very popular indeed! No wonder the right-wing commenters on these pages are losing whatever credibility they had, and scrambling to come up with something....anything! to avoid looking like, well...losers.


Well there you go that’s number 2 in my assessment. I knew you wouldn’t let us down!!’

Yea, Buddy

Yea, hey, and the democrats passed a 1.9 TRILLION dollar farce Covid relief plan, with an eye watering....9% going for covid. The rest for democrat pork projects, some no doubt will end up in the DNC hands, and 10 BILLION so Pakistan can study sex habits of butterflies. Yea, sure, um-hmmm. The next lie is the 1.9 TRILLION dollar infrastructure farce with a nauseating 5% destined for infrastructure. Balance is for vote buying, with major portion to promote racism under the guise of equality. Yah, the infrastructure bill. Sure, um-hmmm.


Thank you Mark for writing a nice fact based opinion article.


Proves my third point

Dr. Vladtheimp

If you believe the manure this socialist Democrat is shoveling, you’ll believe that the Board of Light and Power has the best interests of the community at heart and that your socialist Governor, the hapless Gretchen, is following the science in her witless Wuhan Flu policies and mandates.

If you believe the Trump Tax Cuts didn’t benefit you, but only the wealthy, you’ll believe that you won’t see a tax increase if Biden repeals it, and that the $2 Trillion Democrat (Biden/Pelosi/Schumer) Covid Stimulus Bill is for the pandemic when only 9% of it goes to actual Covid issues.

If you believe anything that Mark Smith, the Modern Pinocchio writes, then Geppetto has found another Dummy.


Always remember lies are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots....Thanks for the lies Mark...PEACE

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