President Joe Biden, who preached unifying moderation before practicing wild-and-woolly extremism, recently emerged as a boorish, demagogic firebrand.

He said Republicans not supporting him on voting legislation are racists on the side of George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis. In this time of divisiveness, a gentler response is to say that he’s the new Donald Trump, not least on the issue of discovering voter fraud where there isn’t any.

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We need the Voting rights act passed so that we can continue to have safe, secure and fair elections. There are states that are passing bills that will limit access to voting and appointing partisan legislatures that will be in control of counting the votes giving them the legal authority to overturn elections they don't like. Mail in Ballots are very secure and only sent to REGISTERED Voters. Not everyone got a ballot!!! To do so they must first submit an application that includes their signature, and that signature must match the signature on file with their voter registration. Only then will they be issued an absentee ballot, which they must return in an envelope with an additional matching signature. The ballots are numbered with that signature being matched to the numbered ballot they received. Democrats are not just turning ballots over to strangers! There is a place on the ballot that someone assisting someone has to sign their name and the voters signature is on the ballot that will be matched to the registry. It is a safe and secure way a REGISTERED voter can vote. Several states have been doing it for years. And Trump lost by 8 million votes. He is a poor loser, but he lost. There is no, none, zilch evidence to prove otherwise. AG Barr said he lost and found no evidence of fraud. Chris Krebs the head of cyber security stated that it was the most secure election in history. Biden is President!


I didn't have to read any further than your opening paragraph to know that I strongly disagree with you. Trump did win the last election, There was wide spread fraud throughout it. Biden did not win with any fairness whatsoever. Conservatives will win in 2022 and 2024.


Interesting how you ignore the dismissal of the Trump election fraud lawsuits by 68 federal courts - many of the judges appointed by Republican presidents, as well as the Supreme Court including (3) justices appointed by Donald Trump, for a lack of evidence.

Somehow you believe the lies from a criminal and traitorous president over the election officials in all 50 states, state and local, as well as the FBI and Federal officials overseeing Federal elections who unanimously stated that this election was very secure with no evidence of any significant fraud.

Interesting how some people don't seem to realize their gullibility is being manipulated for power, control, and money.

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