‘The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.” – Jim Rohn

I was fortunate in my professional life to work for two corporations where the leader daily displayed genuine leadership skills. They demonstrated the ability to be both demanding and compassionate. Their leadership skills forced me to stretch as a professional, and they were always there to support me when I stumbled. I never once saw them point a finger at a predecessor or member of their team when things failed. And when success was achieved, they never claimed it to be their success, it was always the success of the team. Neither was perfect and both made mistakes that they were not afraid to own.

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I have to say it's hard to understand what utopic work environment you presided in, but the finger pointing example didn't seem to rub off on you.




Such a quality source of unbiased factual information...


And seriously get that gap in your teeth fixed.


Not a lot happening in the little gray cells, eh?


Mark's World

Looky here folks – Don’t focus on The Democrat Party’s Identity Politics or Democrats rioting, looting, burning, assaulting.

Ignore that Democrats rule all of the cities where People of Color (POCs) are mired in poverty, ignored, manipulated, marginalized, poorly educated, poorly housed, and generally abused by the Democrat leaders they elect.

Don’t focus on the fact that the regions hardest hit by the Chinese Virus are controlled by Democrat Governors, Mayors, and health Department bureaucrats – New York City and its suburbs, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore.

Ignore that only 5 Governors, Democrats all, including Wretchen Whitmer forced nursing homes and assisted living centers to accept elderly with the Chinese Virus causing unbelievable suffering and death among our most vulnerable citizens (over 40% of all deaths from the Chinese Virus were in these facilities (48,000 souls).

Be misled by the Democrat Media on the danger of living in Florida (179,000 deaths) and Texas (179,000 deaths) compared to New York (396,000 deaths) and California (247,000 deaths),

Ignore that President Trump acted quickly and decisively to stop travel from China saving untold numbers of American lives:

“New York Times science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. noted that the Trump administration took "aggressive measures like barring entry to non-Americans who were recently in China and advising Americans not to go to China or South Korea," and that this strategy worked, despite the fact that the World Health Organization officially opposes travel and trade restrictions, and "reiterated that even as it declared the epidemic a global emergency on Jan. 30." Ignore that President Trump followed the recommendations of Drs. Faucci and Birx and the experts of the CDC even while knowing how their advice would destroy the economy.

Ignore that President Trump paired the Federal Government and Private Industry through the Bully Pulpit and the DPA to produce surgical masks, PPE, respirators and ventilators as sniveling Democrat Governors like Cuomo an d Whitmer whined about their own failures to ensure they had the resources to protect the citizens of their states,

Ignore the Bait and Switch of all times from ‘flattening the curve’ to shut down to stop the spread of the virus. Reading Mark Smith is like looking at a fun house mirror – you know reality, but it gets totally distorted in Mark’s World.



1. Police reports show the vast majority of rioting and looting was done by right wing extremists and racist hate groups. 2. Most major cities are progressive, thriving hubs of diversity and capitalism, that attract the best and the brightest from around the world in technology, the arts, innovation, and science. What world do you live in? 3. Get up to speed. The coronavirus is not political - it will spread anywhere, as it is spiking in overwhelming numbers in FL, AZ, TX, AR, GA, SC, IA - you know, those states whose Republican governors mocked the heroic efforts of governors such as Gov Whitmer, encouraged and rewarded by the president, and are now dealing with an overwhelming number of cases and hospitalizations. 4. I guess you would have directed those people on the down side of their hospitalizations but still not quite able to go home or get proper care in their homes to be shoved out the hospital doors? How heartless can you get? 5. No misleading by the media whatsoever! They are just reporting on the numbers, and the fact that the governors in New York and California actually understood the severity of the pandemic and acted responsibly and aggressively on it. The governors of Florida and Texas chose to make the pandemic political and acted irresponsibly. 6. The strategy worked? Are you kidding me? The US is the global eye of the coronavirus storm and we aren't even close to this pandemic being over, thanks to Trump's egregious ineptness, incompetence, and constant missteps in managing a federal response that has led to almost 140,000 deaths, millions of confirmed cases, untold suffering, strapped hospitals and medical staff, and a severe economic crisis. 6. One thing that will never be distorted is that Trump's missteps, arrogance, dismissal of advice, obsession with markets and his re-election, and failed policies has wrought so much suffering, sacrifice, and devastation to the economy in such a short period of time.

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