Two Michigan House and Senate committees have endorsed legislation that would prevent local governments from banning short-term rentals, and it awaits approval by the full chambers of the Legislature. Though local governments could not ban the rentals under the proposed law, they could still regulate them under noise and other ordinances, similar to how they regulate long-term rentals and single-family homes.

Local governments and their lobbyists are opposed to the legislation, as they are to anything that limits their powers, even when it means more freedom for individuals. Cities want the ability to over-regulate how people use their own property. In the past, this has meant using zoning to keep out long-term renters, and today it means using zoning to keep out short-term renters, even when they are not a problem.

About the writer: Jarrett Skorup is the director of marketing and communications for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. In this role, he is in charge of marketing efforts, media strategy, and overseeing policy campaigns and objectives. He has worked in a variety of roles at the center since 2009. Readers may contact him by email at

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