Normally, in a nonpresidential election year, most Americans would not care or pay much attention to governor’s elections in other states. Not so this year. The media were all over gubernatorial contests in Virginia and New Jersey.

Why? Because Democrats struggled or lost. But it is even more than that. It goes beyond partisan sports, where following a big win by a Democrat in the White House, people are excited that the scales are tipping the other way at some state houses. That’s true, but there’s something bigger behind it all.

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Tim Penning would have us believe we were watching an athletic competition when talking about the recent governor’s race in Virginia: which side won? What strategy did the winning side employ? What did the losing team do wrong (was it too “WOKE”?)?

When I think of the ISSUES that are central to Penning’s discourse on CRT, for example, this is where my thoughts go:

Whose children are truly being ill-served in their education – and in what schools?

When did parents of school-age children first become aware of and begin to express concern about curricular materials and pedagogy? Did their child come to them with concerns? If so, did those parents speak first with the child’s teacher?

If current school curricula across this country must touch on all aspects of our nation’s history, how best should those materials be conceived and how best should they be taught?

Do they want their children to know the truth of our history? Do they want to know it?

If not, why not?




Let’s set the record straight on critical race theory:


Please Professor Penning! Lighten up on the misleading blather! You and I both know and fully understand that Critical Race Theory is NOT taught in any K-12 curriculum anywhere in the United States.

You and I both know that CRT is a specialized philosophical "theory" that is discussed and debated in higher academia and law schools, NOT in elementary and secondary schools. It's been around for decades, and has always riled Republicans because at it's core it addresses systemic racism that is "built in" to US institutions, a holdover from the days of slavery, segregation, and civil rights.

The Republican victory in Virginia, a slim lead by the way, was driven by an outcry over a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about slavery being on a book list to be read in 12th grade high school and the irrationality and fear of children learning about racism.

As for me, I could care less about the right-wing angst over the "woke". It's just another cultural wedge issue being pushed by a political party that has nothing else to offer, and it keeps the gullible and misinformed base riled up.

I'm much more concerned about the tyrannical, anti-democracy, lawless Trump White House and it's followers who attempted to prevent the peaceful transfer of power through an armed and deadly insurrection on the US Capitol, the first time ever in US history.

Yea, Buddy

And Sue Rosenberg, who blew up the white house in '93, and pardoned by who???


The only Sue Rosenberg I am familiar with was in prison in 1993. And she was pardoned by President Bill Clinton in 2001 after serving 16 years of her sentencing. And as far as I know, the White House is still standing.

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