It is the week of the Fourth, and COVID-19 or not, Americans are traveling. My family is no exception.

We pack our bags, jigsaw the backend of our gas-guzzling SUV until everything fits, then wait an extra hour on a last-minute package from Amazon. It is nothing if not American.

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Thank you, Ashley. You write beautifully and movingly. You expressed my feelings about "patriotism" better than I have been able to. It is VERY American to be "anti-American" and to speak up when our leaders are spending our tax dollars and/or leading us in ways that our against our morals.


Another well written article - being a proud American is not mutually exclusive to admitting we as a country can do better. Happy July 4th to ALL OF US!


Another Whiney sheltered snowflake....who cares. Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America!

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