Late last week, I read with interest the concerns of Detroit News columnist Ingrid Jacques, who warned that “‘Fair and Equal’ could unfairly harm faith-based work.” As a priest who has worked and served on the board of a variety of nonprofits, both those that are and are not faith-based, I wanted to know what her concerns were.

Her concerns are about a petition circulated by a group called “Fair and Equal Michigan.” Their goal is to amend the state’s current civil rights law – the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act – to add sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as protected categories. It would also clarify that protections for religion are “the religious belief of the individual.” A pretty significant 77 percent of Michigan citizens support this ballot proposal, which also has the support of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and former chairs of both the state Democratic and Republican parties.

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Apparently it's all part of the Christian Nationalist movement that seeks to move from the Constitutional right of freedom of religion - no State religion, but citizens are free to practice whichever religion they choose - to one of the country operating under a Christian-only government.....based on their version of Christianity, within their interpretation of the Bible, their selections of scripture, and implementation that provides them with the most power and control, of course.


2 Timothy 4:3


Cramer here you go again barking at the wind...when will you be coming out?

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