I am writing this on Election Day, without knowing the results of any of the contests on this year’s ballot.

But I know one result that needs to happen regardless of who is elected to local school boards. Namely, the school boards need to be reminded by recent events of what it means to be a public school, the purpose of the public schools, and who has the power when it comes to the administration of public schools.

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I am curious on your dashboard link for SLPS...I followed it and when you update the data retrieval tool to the right the numbers are quite different than you stated in your article.

Student Outcomes Prior Current

Students Proficient in English Language Arts at the End of Third Grade 76.8% 86.3%

Student Academic Growth 3-8 56.8 53.4

Students Proficient in Math and English 3-8 69.1% 68.7%

Students Proficient on M-STEP 11th grade (in all subjects) 29.9% 55.6%

SAT Total Score 1101.3 1090.6

SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks 57.7% 58.1%

4 year Graduation Rate >95% >95%

Dropout Rate <5% <5%


You state that the 1976 Law states that parents have the right to direct their child’s education. That doesn’t mean they have the right to direct my child’s education. Thank you all who voted the incumbents for another term.


This was another snoozer Tim. At least you didn't recommend viewing 2,000 Mules this time. Your opinion has a pretty narrow scope. Please take your own advice of "staying in your lane". Public school folks don't need to be micromanaged with conspiracy theories.

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