“But you are a black boy, and you must be responsible for your body in a way that other boys cannot know. Indeed, you must be responsible for the worst actions of other black bodies, which, somehow, will always be assigned to you.”

– Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Between the World and Me”

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No one thinks that what happened to Mr. Floyd was right. In fact it was horrible. The thought that believing that all lives do matter is a true statement. The inference of institutional or systemic racism is a fallacy. More unarmed white people were killed by police year than unarmed blacks. Quoting a statistic though does not lessen the horror of the killings, but it does provide a factual starting point. No one wants, or should I says dares to address black on black killings. There were 26 homicides last weekend in Chicago. And there's the recent murder of a well respected retired black police chief that was allegedly shot and killed in Minn. by a black man while the retired chief was defending a friends store. Where is the outrage there? Where are the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jacksons when that awful crime was committed? Or when black criminals destroyed black owned business's ? All lives do matter, regardless the color of the skin.


Also google George Floyd’s criminal past in 2007 he forced his way into a pregnant woman’s home put a gun to her abdomen and threatened to kill her and the baby. Served 5 years in prison for this.


Save you internet bullying for someone who cares. Blacks are 12.9 percent of the population and 37 percent of the violent crime in this country. You liberals live to cry Racism while ignoring personal responsibilty.


Sorry Ashley all lives matter...no one should be excluded that is what equality is all about.


You are over looking the problem or ignoring it. Of course all lives matter but the issue in front of us is institutional racism and by deflecting away from this issue means you are part of the problem.


Thank you for putting in to words so eloquently what I feel in my heart so powerfully.

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