A local community activist, Nick Brock, reached out to me last week to see if our church would be interested in hosting a community event.

Nick knows that I share his concern with the behavior of a small segment of our community’s population when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. Simple disagreement is no longer enough for some people who have chosen the path of vitriol, shouted threats, and violent language and behavior. This is all the more distressing for me as a priest, because so many of the people engaged in this sort of behavior call themselves Christians.

About the writer: The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, Tribune community columnist, serves as rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven. Information about his parish can be found at www.sjegh.com.

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I commend and support you in this community effort to address an issue that is negatively undermining civility and respect for our public education and health officials. I hope there is a great turn-out!


Cramer....yawn... nothing new here

Dr. Vladtheimp

Yes sir, Rev. We should stay in our homes, pay for our schools and teachers, shut our mouths and stand by as leftist educrats teach our kids that Marxism is superior to Capitalism, homosexuality is a healthy lifestyle choice, racism is acceptable if it is directed at Whites, global warming will kill us in ten years, abortion is moral, our history must be rewritten, violent protest is useful as long as it’s executed by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, all cops are racists and the Constitution must be eradicated.

I guess that advice from Barack Hussein Obama that we should argue with our neighbors and get in their faces doesn’t apply anymore, or it only applies to people who share the Rev’s Leftist ideology.

If I wanted to hear your sermons I’d join your Church. Apparently, by making you a Communist Columnist, the Tribune doesn’t support the Separation of Church and State.


Lawdy! Them's sure a cluttermeleon of words about being civil-like to folks!!

Dr. Vladtheimp

Lawdy! Dat's da best you can do to defend Massa Obama's command to Insurrection?


Oh please! He was quoting one of my favorite actors (Sean Connery) from the Untouchables at a fundraiser in 2008. Perhaps a slightly edgy comment, but at least he didn't plan and incite an armed insurrection to overthrow the US government!

Or run a money laundering op, sex trafficking biz, mob-backed casinos, fake charities, a fake school, commit tax fraud, bank fraud, enabled Putin, black-mailed foreign gov’t’s, grifted tax-payers and lied 30,573k times in 4 years!

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