‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

– Maya Angelou

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Behold the vile, disgusting, and misleading mind of a committed Leftist. Instead of cleaning the basement this charwoman should be cleaning the gutter.

1. Corey Lewandowski (a former law enforcement officer) was charged with grabbing the arm of an aggressive reporter and the charges were immediately dropped.

2. Like Hunter Biden, Paul Manifort was profiting from Ukraine businesses long before President Trump announced his candidacy (and long before Hillary made up the Russia hoax that was used to impeach a totally innocent President).

3. Steve Bannon was indicted for fraud long after he left the Trump campaign and administration – he has pleaded not guilty.

4. Brad Parscale was involuntarily committed to a hospital for mental observation after his wife thought he had committed suicide. He is not charged with any crime, although his arrest proved an unarmed, shirtless man with his hands raised in surrender can be viciously tackled and handcuffed by police as long as he is White and a member of the Trump Administration.

5. Bill Stepien. Ah, she got one. He tested positive for the Chinese Virus. Fortunately for him he was not in Michigan where Gauleiter Whitmer might have thrown him into Assisted Living to die with the thousands of others whose fate she sealed (she has said she will continue breaking the for another 21 days.

She must be so proud – picking on the mentally challenged and physically sick – but that’s how Leftists roll.


Factbox (You always leave out so many facts!): Here are eight Trump associates arrested or convicted of crimes. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-bannon-associates-factbox/factbox-here-are-eight-trump-associates-arrested-or-convicted-of-crimes-idUSKBN25G1YU


Yes, Mr. Smith, Trump seems to have an uncanny ability to surround himself with corruptible people, people who are mesmerized by the idea of power, and people who are easily duped, are submissive, and/or criminally-minded. And those who are not any of those things are quickly kicked under the Trump Bus of Shame. All his campaign managers have either been indicted, charged, imprisoned, or are undergoing psychiatric treatment,.....and that's just the beginning. It's a witches brew of deep corruption throughout the administration, beginning at the top. Won't it be nice to clean house and have a Biden administration that will actually be a legitimate administration consisting of people with expertise, morals and ethics, and that is not embroiled in scandal, illegality, lies, and corruption?


Lanivan crawls back out of the cellar.


Hahaha! How did you know I just spent the last 4 days cleaning out the basement?! Additionally: A Brief History of Trump Campaign Managers:

1) Corey Lewandowski — charged with battery.

2) Paul Manafort — convicted of fraud.

3) Steve Bannon — indicted for fraud.

4) Brad Parscale — arrested, accused of embezzlement.

5) Bill Stepien — tested positive for Covid-19.


Amazingly sad to see such hatred in your heart. It is guaranteed to get you nowhere. The darkness cannot overcome the light. : John 1:5.


Obviously Mr. Smith wrote this prior to the Presidents current diagnosis. I wonder if he feels any regret now? 2 Timothy 3:2-4. Mark , maybe you should read this. I wonder how proud the Tribune is to have person with such vitriol hate? Interesting how you end every article with the word "peace".


Mark Smith, an accomplished Leftist smear merchant from the Tribune’s stable of Leftist smear merchants thinks you are as dumb as he is.

As is usually the case, Democrats (=Leftists=Socialists) undertake vicious, nasty, unfounded tactics against Republicans and then attempt to blame the victims of their attacks.

Democrats smeared Tillerson as a Russian puppet when they tried to stop his confirmation and ruined his reputation and relationship with the President, only to shed crocodile tears when he was fired.

Democrats smeared Jeff Sessions as a racist and Russian collaborator when they tried to stop his confirmation, and Obama holdovers misled him on Justice Department policy, causing him to recuse himself, setting up the Comey illegal leaks and appointment of an Independent Prosecutor, and then wailed at his firing.

The President’s appointment of General Flynn, a true military hero, as National Security Advisor prompted Democrat smears of Flynn as an Islamophobe and too tough on Iran. Once appointed he was set up by Obama, Biden, and Comey and his FBI. They are still persecuting him through ‘Judge’ Emmett Sullivan. They did the same to John Bolton as NSA.

Smith continues the smear of Louis DeJoy who is called an election fraudster for doing the same streamlining the Postmaster General did under Obama in order to save the Post Office which is hopelessly debt-ridden

This is all in accordance with the Democrat/Socialist Playbook, knowing their media army will cover-up, obfuscate and hide the Democrat crimes – like blaming the inter-racial Proud Boys for the arson, mayhem, assaults and murders of Black Lives Matter.

Ms is in good company – the smear merchants Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Nadler, Schiff, the New York Times, etc. A merchant sells something – what these Democrats are selling is what recently was pumped from my septic tank – at no cost except for the truth.


The curse of having to see another Mark Smith post and his rantings. Lets summarize all Marks current and future letters...I hate Trump, I am mad about the 2016 election, I hate Trump and oh yeah I hate Bill Huizinga too.

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