Electric vehicles, or EVs, as they are commonly called, may not be a passion all share yet, but Karl Bloss, a former engineer in the chemicals industry, has a devotion and drive to expand awareness and normalize these vehicles.

His knowledge of and personal experience with electric vehicles makes him the perfect candidate to help develop our understanding of the current state of EVs and the future they will have in society.


Karl Bloss, of Muskegon, is the electric vehicle program coordinator for Consumers Energy.

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Most middle to lower income people will have a hard time being able to afford an electric car. Also it might be important to mention that electricity comes from turbines that are run in part by fossil fuel.


Prices definitely need to come down for family sized vehicles. My Mini Cooper SE (electric) was $31,000 including delivery and then has $7500 tax credit, so $23,500. But range is only good for local commute and back seat use is not ideal for families. Toyota, Subaru, VW, Ford, and Nissan all have cross over SUV’s that would be good family cars, but production is limited or not yet started, so it will take time for supply to meet demand and then for prices to drop. Some used EV’s available, but with limited use for families. I think we are a couple years from seeing affordable family options, but I think they are coming …


Fossil fuels are part of electricity production, but that is slowly shifting. Still use far less fossil fuel then gas/diesel vehicles - even if 100% coal, 110 mpg means less emissions than typical 25-40 mpg for gas cars. I am in process of scheduling rooftop solar, so much of my driving will be emission free, but not feasible for many families and not year round emission free due to short days and snow …

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